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VIDEO: Watch “The Debunkers” Tear Apart Leftist Gun Control Arguments

In this hilarious video, FreedomToons takes on common leftist gun control arguments with satire and witty comedy.

The idea that the founding fathers were pro-gun control, as MIC tries to argue, isn’t just dishonest, but comically ridiculous.

In their video, MIC hilariously asserts that “the founding fathers thought that the Second Amendment was about protecting against tyranny.”

Although this is partially true, the founders clearly understood the meaning of the word “inalienable rights” far better than they do. This is the reason the bill of rights was written based on the principles of self-ownership.

You own yourself and you have a right to utilize your resources in any way you see fit as long as you are not infringing on the rights to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness of another human being.

This includes the right to speak freely, as noted in the first amendment, as well as the right to self-preservation, as expressed in the second. These are called “inalienable rights” and exist innately in all people without the need for government approval.

The Debunkers ask, “what do you mean they thought? Did they not know what the second amendment meant when they wrote it themselves?”

Later in the video, MIC explains that “in 1824, the board of regents of the University of Virginia voted to ban guns on campus. Who were these gun grabbers? James Madison, who wrote the Second Amendment, and Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence.”

Obviously, this decision to ban guns at a University is not a federal, or even state law. Of course individual institutions have the right to ban guns on their own property.

The point of the second amendment is to stop the government from taking away the people’s means of self-defense, not to force every school, grocery store, and retirement home to allow that everyone carry guns on their own property.

Watch the full video to see more funny and absurd leftist arguments debunked.

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