Donald Trump and Mount Rushmore

America’s Political Game of Life

After a string of low turns, you spin again and move your little toy car two spaces forward. However, the space you land on reads “Move Back Three Spaces or Skip Your Next Turn”.

You are not alone in this Game of Life. Your team is divided on which direction to move; you prefer to work with what you’ve got, and the others want to turn the car around and take another route. They have become enlightened, so they think, and they will stop at nothing to get their way.

This this is exactly the game our country plays when we allow the regressive left to dominate public discourse. As the radical left-wing intensifies, America is left with only two options: preserve our nation’s traditions and institutions while knowing that they are not perfect or support the dismantling of American values with no realistic plan for the future.

Every essential axiom of American life is being torn apart and replaced. The Classical Liberal belief that all men are created equal with the same inherent rights and value, along with the concepts of inalienable rights, individual justice, and private property, have been sacrificed to the social justice mob and substituted with a sly racist indoctrination cooked up by academia.

All of the progress we have made in regard to race relations is falling apart as Black Lives Matter pushes the Marxist belief that all of human history and relations can be simplified into the dichotomy of oppressor and oppressed class, in stark contrast to the American notion that we should judge others by the content of their character rather than skin color.

The uniquely American value of free speech is under attack on college campuses as students are led by their communist professors and the leftist media to label any speech that they disagree with as ‘hate speech,’ creating ‘safe spaces’ for liberal students where they can evade hearing opinions they do not like. Combine this with cancel culture and big tech and you have a cocktail of censorship, the historic precursor to all tyranny.

Antifa thugs are lighting police cars on fire in the streets. Leftist rioters are stealing from local businesses, smashing windows, and assaulting little old ladies who get in their way. American flags and bibles are being burned in the street while most so-called Liberals do nothing to oppose it.

As the far-left pushes the most extreme gun control measures in American history, a Defund the Police movement rages during the worst race riots Americans have experienced since the 1960’s. In Minneapolis, the police department is telling residents to “be prepared to give up” personal belongings to muggers as crime has spiked dramatically and their elected officials are refusing to protect them.

Media pundits and Democrats have sided entirely with the rioters. There is a shining light in alternative media, but we are only as strong as our ability to reach interested people. The radical left is tugging so tenaciously on America’s lifelines that any possibility of real change has effectively been squeezed out of grasp.

This is the hand we’ve been dealt simply because the vocal extremes have sucked the oxygen out of every non-political issue. Cannabis legalization, water and food quality, the drug war, Fukushima, geoengineering, bee colony collapse, mass surveillance, drone bombings and Monsanto have all taken a backseat to more important issues like Land O’ Lakes taking the American Indian woman off of their butter containers.

Currently, the narrow focus of the left is in fighting their own redefined concept of racism, which is itself racist. Over the past few months, it has been making everybody wear masks and keeping businesses shut down while demanding free money from taxpayers. A few months before that, all they talked about was Greta Thunberg and climate change.

During the Kavanaugh hearing, the big issue was abortion. For a while it was LGBT issues, which didn’t make sense because Donald Trump was the first person to enter office supporting gay marriage and has campaigned to decriminalize homosexuality around the globe. Prior to that it was gun control because of the Parkland kids.

Wanting to change the world for the better is normal, especially when you are young. At a certain point however, you need enough humility to admit that changing too much at once will likely make things worse and you undoubtedly do not know how to solve the world’s biggest existential problems anyway. If you really want to fix something, focus on your own life before you endeavor to fix the whole world.

So, make your choice America. Skip this turn and miss out on all the wonderful things we could accomplish together if we stopped letting the media turn everything into politics, or move back three spaces and allow very arrogant and determined radicals to walk all over the progress we’ve made during the past 250 years.

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