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Welcome Back to the American Police State

(op-ed) Welcome to the reemergence of the American police state, friends. It has been a while and you may have forgotten what ‘business as usual’ consists of.

After covering for left-wing violence throughout his campaign, President Biden wasted no time in labeling the January 6th capitol rioters as domestic terrorists, implying culpability of nearly half the country who believe the (most likely true) notion that the 2020 election was rigged and rife with voter fraud.

Election integrity is not what I’ve set out to discuss in this article, but if you have not yet looked into the evidence try researching the over 700 affidavits written by election workers alleging voter irregularities, statistical anomalies such as Biden losing nearly all bellwether counties, winning less counties than Obama overall, and somehow earning vast numbers of votes in a small handful of swing counties with histories of corruption, and dominion voting systems switching votes from Republicans to Democrats.

If you were paying much attention during Obama’s time in office, you may remember that the former president’s administration prosecuted more whistleblowers and journalists than any sitting president in American history. Additionally, the Obama/Biden duo also put a record number of American citizens on government watch lists, which you can never get off of.

Candidate Obama lied through his teeth when he promised to reign in the American surveillance state and then proceeded to use it to full capacity to take out undesired journalists and whistleblowers who were exposing corruption in his administration. He then lied about it again when Edward Snowden blew the whistle on abuses of power at the NSA.

President Biden’s rhetoric regarding the capitol rioters is reminiscent of the anti-Muslim sentiment we saw directly after the terrible acts on 9/11. Vast numbers of people with no association to terrorism are now being placed in the same category as those who stormed the capitol on the 6th.

By the way, I fully support the federal government in defending the capitol building. The rioters who made their way into restricted areas, stole objects from inside, and caused damage should be punished accordingly. That type of behavior is not acceptable and is more akin to a hot civil war than a questionable election. It also got Trump banned from Twitter and accelerated the degradation of free speech and privacy in the United States.

Joe Biden, who has bragged on multiple occasions of being an original author of the freedom-destroying Patriot Act and other similar bills which curtailed our freedom, is now readying a new wave of legislation aimed at removing more of our rights and advancing the American Police/Surveillance State very quickly.

Former congresswoman and Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard spoke out against calls for new domestic terrorism legislation, adding that the federal government is engaging in the ‘targeting of almost half the country’ and of ‘anybody who loves freedom’.

Even NBC News published a piece arguing against the bill with the fear that these new powers will someday be used “against black and brown people”. I appreciate them speaking out against Orwellian legislation, but it is quite sad that the primary concern of many on the left seems to be whether the rights of those with the correct skin color are being violated, not those belonging to Americans as a whole.

During one of the presidential debates late last year, candidate Biden declared the radical left-wing domestic terror group ANTIFA just ‘an idea’. This overarching double standard is incredibly telling because it shows, very sadly, that we are in fact in the middle of a serious conflict. The entire political, intelligence, academic, communications and cultural establishment is currently seeking to squash the rights of freedom-loving Americans to a point where we may never get them back.

To be fair, Biden is not in control of the government or military. Just yesterday he was caught in a hot mic moment admitting that he did not even know which executive order he was signing or what its contents were. From the sidelines, an unknown voice told him to ‘sign it anyway’ and he did. That voice may have been house majority leader Nancy Pelosi or Vice President Kamala Harris.

In the short time Biden has been president, we have already seen a significant push to control the economy with one-sided globalistic trade deals, ramp up military tensions in the middle east with more boots on the ground in Syria, and now control those at home who dissent against tyranny.

Welcome to the re-emerged American police state nobody asked for, but everyone knew was coming.

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This article (Welcome Back to the American Police State) originally appeared on Blacklisted News and was re-posted here with permission.

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