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Vice Admits Liberal Men are Weaker, Less Attractive than Conservatives

While the flames of the culture war rage, even far-left media publication Vice admits that liberal men are weaker and less competent than conservatives.

In their story, Vice highlights a behavioral study which found that, in their own words, “strong men who go to the gym are more likely to be right-wing and support economic and social inequality than weaker men.”

Their proof? Ambitious men who take the time out of their day to work for a stronger body also tend not to be socialists. In other words, those jerks who intimidate them at the gym must have been right-wing nutcases all along. Hook, line, and sinker.

“Our results suggest that wealthier men who are more formidable physically are more likely to oppose redistribution of wealth.” – Sarah Cox, Brunel University

Surprised? Me either. If you work hard for something, you probably won’t want to give half of it away to a bunch of guys who chose to kick back, play video games, and drink soymilk lattes instead.

The same principle applies to wealth. In fact, one of the greatest achievements of capitalism is that it restrains jealousy. You can’t just take something that somebody else earned because you want it; you have to provide something of value in order to negotiate for that thing you want.

What’s even more interesting is that the study authors use the terms “Social Dominance Orientation” and “Redistribution of Wealth,” with no mention of ‘Competence’ throughout the entire study. The apparent belief is that if you are not a socialist, you must think that some social groups have the right to blindly dominate others, rather than being rewarded for hard work.

This is not the first study to find that conservatives tend to be more attractive than liberals. In 2017, researchers from Cambridge University found that attractive people tend not only to identify as conservative, but Republican as well.

“Controlling for socioeconomic status, we find that more attractive individuals are more likely to report higher levels of political efficacy, identify as conservative, and identify as Republican.” – Rolfe Daus Peterson, Study Author.

This makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint as well. Stronger men with more resources want to preserve their place in the social hierarchy simply because women tend to prefer men who have those qualities.

Imagine what life was like throughout most of human history. Until recently, we didn’t have anything like the same justice system, police force, and governmental structure that we do now. If you were a woman, you needed a man who could protect you physically as well as provide for you and your children while you took care of them. Weak cave-husbands who told their pregnant, nursing cave-wives to hunt their own buffalo and fight off their own rapists didn’t survive, and neither did their kids.

According to one study:

“Women bear greater costs of obligatory parental investment (i.e. pregnancy and lactation) than men do, meaning they have both a greater need for resources and reduced ability to obtain resources. Consequently, women are hypothesized to show stronger preferences for cues of the capability to invest resources in offspring when assessing men’s attractiveness as long-term partners.” – Lingshan Zhang, et al.

It’s nobody’s fault that this dynamic is wired into our brains. This is just the way we evolved, and it isn’t going away because a few whiny soy boys want socialism to save them from the their own inadequacies.

“Price’s findings? That rich muscle dudes are the worst! Under those rock-hard abs lie the rock-hard souls of men who doesn’t believe in spreading their riches around.” – Vice

I sense a hint of jealousy. Maybe instead of whining from your armchair, you should hit the gym.

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  1. And liberal men accuse conservative men of being abusive control freaks towards women, claiming they can treat women better than conservative men.

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