Transgender representative Danica Roem

Transgender Candidate Seeks To Unseat Virginia State Delegate

Danica Roem is a journalist, singer, and candidate running for a seat in the Northern Virginia State House of Delegates. She is attempting to unseat thirteen-term conservative Republican Bob Marshall as the first transgendered candidate to be elected to a state lesiglature. The 32 year old Democrat has already drawn in more money than her counterpart by a vast margin, raising $85,637 in June alone, compared with her opponent Bob Marshall’s $4,585. Roem is pushing to become the first openly transgender person elected in Virginia, while Marshall has been in long-term opposition with LGBT issues, highlighted by legislation such as the transgender bathroom bill.

“I’ll be able to demonstrate through governing that a transgender person who has in-depth knowledge about the public policy issues affecting her district and has long-standing ties to her community can succeed in politics and government.” – Danica

Danica’s Platform: Traffic, Schools, “Equality”

In addition to being a voice for the transgender community, Danica is running on the platform of widening Virginia’s Route 28 to remove congestion of traffic, raising teacher pay, raising the minimum wage, and “protecting students from bullying and discrimination.” She advocates adding gender identity and sexual orientation to the school boards nondiscrimination policy to protect what she calls “our most vulnerable students.” However, she has not been specific as to what this means exactly, implying to opponents that she could begin to bring anti-free speech laws, such as Canada’s Bill C-16 which criminalizes the use of “incorrect” gender pronouns, to American schools.

She has also spoken out about gun rights in a long-winded and emotional Facebook post, advocating for gun control measures which she sees as necessary to save lives, such as imposing background checks and closing the “gun show loophole” which doesn’t actually exist. However, Roem claims to respect the Second Amendment and the liberties it provides, including the right to hunt, which she says she recognizes even as a vegetarian.

Robert, her opponent, disagrees with her and advocates for a more conservative approach based on the principals of limited government and free enterprise.

“I’m not trying to tell people like Danica, formally Dan, how to live their life, and likewise they should not be forcing their views and behaviors on the rest of us.” – Robert Marshall

I want to bring a reporter’s sensibility”

As a former reporter, she has over a decade of experience in the world of politics and media. This gives her a much needed edge in competing against someone who has been in office for over a quarter of a century. In fact, the about page of her website is almost entirely dedicated to capturing her life as a journalist, even so far as to leave out her prior life history entirely as a growing transgendered girl. However, at a time where trust in the media is nearly at an all time low, this could potentially drive people away from her cause.

“I’m running to bring a reporter’s sensibility to Richmond. The skills are directly transferable: you research, listen, research, listen more, then write your first draft.” – Danica

Basically An Establishment Candidate

Although Danica’s challenging of the status quo on issues such as the minimum wage and gender identity may be appealing to some people, she is basically another establishment candidate in nearly every way, either toeing the line or ignoring issues such as GMO’s, fracking, big pharma, and mass surveillance. As a former reporter who has worked in the field of journalism for over ten years, she is in the perfect position to challenge the growing power that a few corporations have over the media, but for whatever reason she doesn’t.

“For those of you who are interested in developing businesses that deal with high tech biotech, the lab center is right across the street from innovation park. Come talk to me and let’s get you set up.” – Danica Roem

Although she is running her campaign to address issues in Virginia, if Danica is elected to office she could become one of the country’s largest voices for LGBT issues at a time where tensions surrounding transgenderism have never been higher, which could change the world for decades to come.

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