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This New York Town Wants to Let Police Officers Accept ‘Sexual Gratuities’ While on Duty

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The source for this story was originally posted on a publication called The Buffalo Chronicle, which is a local paper in Western New York. The Free Thought Project reported on the story first, so I was relying on their vetting; however, it has come to my attention that the original source for this article may not be reliable.

The New York town of Tonawanda is pushing a policy that would allow citizens to “tip” cops with sexual favors while on duty, so long as the encounter lasts no longer than 15 minutes and the officer declines to take his next break.

The policy proposal comes after a popular police officer in the area named Brett Rider was accused of sexual misconduct with an alleged 56-year old married woman and faces potential termination from the force.

“In this political environment, with all the horrible things being said about our police officers in the national media, this policy would be a real morale booster” says Karen, a Tonawanda resident who leads the women’s group lobbying for the policy. “People should feel comfortable expressing how much they appreciate the police and the work that they do.”

The Coalition of Suburban Women Voters is also pushing for state-wide implementation of this policy, which would extend legal ‘sexual gratuities’ to New York State Troopers as well.

“We want all of our departments to educate their employees and get good training on a variety of topics, harassment being one of them,” said Tonawanda Town Supervisor, Joseph Emminger.

Although the policy would not allow officers to request sexual favors on the job, it would give citizens the chance to avoid punishment when caught by a corrupt cop, likely making some residents feel obligated to have sex if they cannot pay their ticket or are under arrest.

The Free Thought Project reports:

“Given the propensity of police officers to commit crimes of sexual misconduct, legislation like this would open Pandora’s box by intertwining sex with authority figures for favors or special treatment under the law.”

This comes at a time when it is still legal for police officers to have sex with citizens in custody in some states. Last year, two New York cops had their charges dropped after being accused of raping and kidnapping a then 18-year old girl named Anna Chambers.

“They have guns, they have handcuffs. You can’t have consent under those circumstances,” said Michael David, Chambers lawyer. “It’s just outrageous; it was a clear-cut case. She was kidnapped. There was DNA evidence.”

That case garnered enough media attention to prompt the introduction of a new law establishing the incapacity to consent while in custody in the state of New York, but the bill was introduced two years ago and has yet to pass the state Senate.

However, police officers can still have legal sexual contact on the job if it happens as part of an anti-prostitution sting. Alaskan police are currently fighting two bills which would hamper their ability to bust prostitution rings and arrest sex traffickers.

“If we make that act (of touching) a misdemeanor we have absolutely no way of getting involved in that type of arrest,” said Anchorage Police Chief Sean Case. “We are not out there to go out and find that street prostitute. What we’re interested in now is the trafficking.”

Some prostitutes argue that sexual contact on the job is not necessary to carry out operations against them. Maxine Doogan, a member of the pro-prostitution advocacy group Community United for Safety and Protection calls the practice “state-sponsored sexual assault.”

Although some contact may be necessary to combat human trafficking, letting cops have legal sex on the job gives bad apples the power to forever change the lives of extraordinarily unfortunate victims.

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