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These 12 Lies Prove MSM Is The Real Fake News

Fake News has become one of the biggest buzzwords of 2017 and it isn’t a surprise that outlets such as CNN have been placed under the Fake News umbrella as of late. It’s not just a matter of becoming too partisan – but outright hypocrisy and misreporting of the facts.

#1 Is Philly’s Murder Rate Going Up?

If you read Philly, then you might be confused about whether Philadelphia’s murder rate is going up or down, because they have changed the story to suit their needs.

Originally in September 2016, the Philadelphia Media Network posted an article titled Why is Philly’s homicide rate going up? In the article they claim that “Philadelphia is recording homicides at the fastest pace since 2012” and the tone of the article was very alarming.

Now fast forward four months to January 2017, after Trump won the White House. Chris Palmer, the same man who wrote the original piece, wrote another article which reads Trump said Philly’s murder rate is ‘terribly increasing.’ It’s not. In it he claims that “by almost any interpretation, he’s wrong” and attempts to downplay his previously stated facts with statistics from the 1980’s which show lower rates of homicide.

In the world of mainstream media, facts are often manipulated to push for a certain point of view that they see as favorable at that particular time.

#2 Nancy Sinatra Angry At Trump? No, CNN

On January 19th 2017, CNN reported that Nancy Sinatra was “not happy Trump will use her fathers song at inauguration”. However, this wasn’t the case. What Nancy said was that she wanted Trump to “remember the first line” of the song My Way, which goes “and now, the end is near”. After seeing the article, she tweeted out “That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?” in rebuttal. She then posted a series of tweets saying that it was only a joke and that she didn’t wish any harm on the President.

Although Nancy is not pro-Trump, if CNN would have just told the truth instead of always pushing for a particular view, there would not have been any backlash against them in the first place.

#3 Men And Women Aren’t Wired Differently…Except When They Are

It’s no secret the the Huffington Post is very much on the left. However, this doesn’t excuse them for having double standards with their reporting. In December of 2015, two articles were published by HuffPo which had to do with the differences, or lack thereof, between the brains of Men and Women. The first, originally from LiveScience, was titled Science Says Men And Women Aren’t Really ‘Wired Differently’.

The next article, published only three days later, had a completely different bent, titled You Should Know How The Male Brain Reacts To Handling A Gun.

The first article examines a study which suggests that there is little to no consistency between a man and a woman’s brain, where the second suggests that there is in fact a difference and that a lack of attention combined with high testosterone levels can trigger young men to become violent and engage in mass shootings, but not women.

No matter which story is true, it seems that the Huffington Post wants to create a certain view of the world that suits their political agenda, as opposed to reporting the truth.

#4 Wearing White Is Racist, But Not When Hillary Does It

According to Elizabeth Wellington at, the fact that Melania Trump wore a white dress to the RNC was a terribly racist statement which is “anti-all things brown” and “another reminder that in the G.O.P. white is always right”. If this is such a big deal, you’d think that it would apply to everyone, right? You might think so, but according to her when Hillary Clinton wore a white pantsuit to the DNC she “looked Presidential”.

“Most importantly Clinton’s white suit told America loud and clear that she joyfully accepted the opportunity to run for president of the United States of America.” – Elizabeth Wellington,

#5 You Don’t Have The Right To Know About A Presidential Candidate’s Health, But We’ll Tell You Anyway

On September 17th 2016, CNN tweeted out an article titled “Why a presidential candidate’s health isn’t a voter’s right to know”. It was clearly an attempt to stop discussion about Hillary’s health, however they later took down the article and the tweet, probably because they realized how stupid it would look when they started posting articles about Trump’s health.

Luckily someone managed to take a screen shot before the article was taken down so it doesn’t get entirely lost in a memory hole.

#6 The Electoral College Is Great, But Only When Our Guys Win

After Obama’s victory in the election of 2012, Slate posted an article called In Defense of the Electoral College. They talk about the electoral system granting a certainty of outcome, a means of gaining support from less populated areas, and swing states being a means of generating more thoughtful voters.

But after Trump’s victory on November 8th 2016, the electoral college suddenly became an instrument of white supremacy and sexism. If it was always a means of oppression, then why didn’t they say so when Obama won in 2012?

#7 Obama: There Is No Possible Way That The Election Can Be Hacked (Unless We Lose)

During the campaign trail, candidate Trump had talked a lot about Hillary rigging the election. In response, Obama spoke out to say that Trump’s claim was “not based on facts” and that “no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections.

But just a month after the election, Obama turned a 180 and ordered the intelligence community to review the entire election process of 2016 in relation to alleged Russian hacking, which to this day has yet to be proven.

#8 Comey Is An Innocent Man!…When He’s Helping Hillary

When Former FBI Director James Comey refused to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton and her private server of deleted emails, the Washington Post (WP) was all in favor of him. At that time he was “just doing his job”. But when you turn forward the clock to when Comey opened the investigation, all hell broke loose for Hillary and especially the Washington Post. Suddenly he was “damaging our democracy” because in their own words, Hillary “plays by a different set of rules than everybody else.”

#9 MSNBC Manipulates The Pain Of A Grieving Father For Political Gain

At the RNC last year, the mother of an American who died during the 2012 Benghazi attack in Lybia came on stage to say “I personally blame Hillary Clinton for the death of my son.” In an article from MSNBC titled RNC manipulates the pain of a grieving mother for partisan gain, they claim that blaming Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi attacks is just a “conspiracy theory” and that “democrats would be seen as fanatics lacking in the seriousness of purpose necessary to govern”… if they were to have done something like this.

However, just ten days later the same writer posted a story titled Khizr Khan’s words won’t soon be forgotten, where he highlights the thoughts of the father of a fallen Muslim-American soldier who died twelve years prior, attempting to brand Trump as anti-Muslim for his stance on the travel ban. This all happened at the DNC, but apparently this time is entirely different. The difference of course, is that it actually was Hillary’s fault in the first scenario, as opposed to Trump in the latter story.

In her book Stonewalled, world-renowned reporter Sharyl Attkisson includes a chapter on Benghazi, which clearly shows that it was incompetence on Clinton’s part which lead directly to the attack on Lybia.

#10 Trump Steak Debacle

In what is probably the most ridiculous example I could find, HuffPost took the way that Trump likes to eat his steaks as a means to attack him in the most unintentionally comedic way possible. In their article Donald Trump Prefers His Steak Well Done, AKA The Worst Possible Way, Writer Kate Bratskeir claims that Trump’s preference on steak is “offensive by most people who have an ounce of appreciation for food.” They even quote the Daily Meal in saying that “anyone who like their steaks well-done is a ‘bad person’.”

In a comedic fervor, the editor decided to throw in a few more insults at the end just in case eating well-cooked steak isn’t bad enough. Editor’s note: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims.I guess they figure you may not have heard any of this yet from the armies of social justice warriors who attend college in order to take classes like The Problem of Whiteness”, which is designed to radicalize students into a far-left ideology of hatred toward whites based solely on the color of their skin (which they claim not to be racist.)

Three days later they posted another article titled If You Judge People For How They Like Their Steak, You Might Be A Trump Supporter. As clearly demonstrated by the Huffington Post, “there’s more of a relationship between the kind of people who support Trump and the kind who get all judgmental about other people’s steak preferences.” Needless to say, this article was another excuse to attack the President.

#11 The Election Actually Can’t Be Hacked. Oh Wait, Yes It Can Because It Was The Russians

Less than a month before the election, CNN published an article in response to the Obama Administration accusing Russia of hacking the election, bluntly titled No, the presidential election can’t be hacked. It actually goes through some pretty reasonable points as to why this is and stands as one of the few times CNN has gone against the Obama narrative.

However, less than two months later they published the article Where’s the outrage over Russia’s hack of the US election? where they turn a 180 and once again push the story that Donald Trump was elected thanks to Putin and company.

#12 Syrian Refugees Are Just Like The Pilgrims, Who Were Genocidal Religious Extremists

I’ve got to say, this one makes sense. In November of 2013, a writer by the name of Nicole Breedlove wrote an article for the Huffington Post titled Happy National Genocide (Thanksgiving) Day! In it she talks about how Thanksgiving was brought about through a massacre of Native Americans known as the Pequot Massacre.

In another article posted in 2015, This Thanksgiving, Remember America’s Pilgrims Were Refugees, Too, they don’t make any mention of the Pequot Massacre, but instead use the official story of Thanksgiving to make the point that America has a long history of taking in refugees. It makes a lot of sense to think of Pilgrims and Syrians in a similar way too, especially considering over one in ten Syrians have at least a somewhat positive view of ISIS. Just as the Pilgrims were probably mostly good people who came to escape a volatile political environment, the Syrians also have quite a few bad apples themselves.

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