The Modern Left: A Culture of Oppression, Intolerance, and Prejudice

It’s often said that the two parties switched. Republicans, the party of Lincoln, used to be for ending slavery and protecting liberty for all. Democrats, the party of racism and the South, turned into the party of love and acceptance.

But I don’t think that anyone who can see past the radiation of their TV screens thinks that anymore. We live in a new time, and things have changed.

Frankly, I’m getting tired of the way that the modern left treats those outside their tiny thought bubble of socialism, open borders, and hating American Liberty and Sovereignty.

If you know what it’s like to be conservative in a liberal place, and then to leave and travel somewhere more accepting, you know the feeling of coming back to that liberal hellhole of intolerance and hate. I’ve just experienced this, and the feeling is immediate and soul-crushing.

If you read books they don’t agree with, they get upset.

If you wear the wrong hats, bumper stickers, or t-shirts, they get upset.

If you defend yourself with firearms, they hate that, they’d rather you be defenseless.

And if you speak your mind without praising the gods of the Democrats, liberal academics, and MSNBC, they hate that too.

There’s more social oppression in the left than any other major movement in America. From all of the interactions I’ve had with leftists, they tend to be very uninterested in learning your side or understanding your perspective. The only thing they’re interested in is learning the latest talking points to push the agenda of their corporatist and statist ideological masters.

Believing liberal media does not make informed voters, it makes cultural oppressors. 

Of course, not everybody on the left is like this, but it’s the overwhelming majority of people who are who are at all active in politics. It must be said as well that this mentality has been present on the right too, but the pendulum is swinging the other way in a new era.

The left today acts as the right did a few decades ago. They watch the same media channel assuming that they are getting the whole truth, and everybody else is lying. They have their narrow view of what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior, and attack everybody who falls outside of their box.

It’s no longer the North versus the South, it’s the coasts versus everybody else (which, by the way, have the highest income disparity in the country).

It’s no longer the Union and Confederates, it’s the far-left Democrats versus everybody else (conservatives are generally very accepting of people on the center-left).

It’s no longer social programs versus more free markets, it’s communist oppression versus any economic liberty at all.

Borders. Guns. Abortions. On and on it goes.

I used to think that as long as we had someone who wasn’t a fence-sitting centrist, that we could achieve some kind of real progress. But in this new era of new lessons, I know that is not true. People need to stick to principle and respect each other, not destroy everything that gave them liberty in the first place.

I want everyone to get along well enough to respect each other’s freedom, their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Some disagreement is good, but not when it’s all-in liberty vs. oppression. Not when it’s tribal and not if we’re debating fundamental freedoms, such as those guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

There’s so much shit-slinging going on right now that it’s surprising we have a semi-functioning democracy.

When you exist in this modern climate of polarization, you’re expected to allow the mob to stop you from being truly free. There’s no being you in a liberal cultural landscape unless you’re the right type of person. If you fit outside of their shallow box of acceptance, there’s no tolerance for you.

Reading the wrong kinds of books, listening to the wrong podcasts, prioritizing economic issues or national security over gay rights, or a whole slough of other things can get you put in the “othered” category and shipped off to the island of unwanted people. Conservatives today are treated worse in some cases than gays in the 1950’s.

You might think that this is a little dramatic, and maybe it is. But this is life for so many people in this country. Every day it’s walking on eggshells with friends and family because if you don’t have the same views as they do, to them you might as well be the next Nazi Hitler Supporter.

It seems like people would have figured out that this type of social oppression doesn’t work anymore, after seeing what happened through the moral panics of the 1960’s hippie culture, rock and metal music of the 70’s and 80’s, conservatism of the 1980’s, environmentalism of the 1990’s, and so on. I know that a lot of people feel the same way.

But some people never learn.

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  1. The “demoncrats”(spelled correctly) are Mob, Tribal and Mockingbirds with no grasp on reality and lack commonsense when it comes to a budget and/or where the money comes from and who they represent. They all act like kings ordering everyone to bow down to them and do everything as they see fit. We should deport them along with 11 million illegal aliens they allowed in to this country!

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