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The 5 Levels of Understanding the Coronavirus, Explained by a Doctor

The coronavirus is an incredibly nuanced and controversial topic. Our true understanding of the virus is slim, some believing the official story that it came from the Wuhan wet market, while others think it came from a Chinese lab; some believe that the virus is unprecedentedly dangerous and contagious and masks are the best way to protect us, while others see it as a relatively ineffectual bug that governmental tyrants are using as the pretext to shut down economies.

Dr. Cassone is a Holistic Primary Care practitioner in the state of California. He regularly posts about health and politics on both Diaspora and Minds when he is not practicing medicine.

“I am trying to find a lens from which to look at this current situation that can shed understanding and ultimately end up unifying us,” said Cassone. “Let’s avoid belief system relationships with information, continue to ask good questions, and look for points of common ground with others.”

Here are the doctor’s five levels of understanding the coronavirus situation from a nuanced perspective, rather than pointing fingers.

It’s Just a Virus

“Level one is the awareness of a bug: the coronavirus. It also is the awareness of real fact-level issues such as racism or social injustice, which, by the way, I believe everybody I know would want to look at, expose, and resolve. So, level one is the discussion about the fact level. If it’s the discussion about the virus, it’s medical treatments, it’s what we know about it, it’s the hard stats, it’s solutions in the populations to keep them safe.

It is those discussions, which are also not easy as the picture keeps changing, but it is a fact level discussion. Same with racism. It would be the discussion of where it is still continuing, how to expose it, and how to make a meaningful shift in our country’s culture regarding those issues. Level one is really about facts.”

Something’s Fishy

“Level two is the awareness and the movement towards questioning the data and this has occurred through the data being constantly mis-portrayed and manipulated. The obvious manipulation of the data leads some people to question the data itself and that’s a level two awareness over this situation.

There is a tremendous amount of conflict from those who are at level one and those who have transitioned to level two and the problem is one of a belief system. If somebody were to pass away in your family or you were to go through a conflict, what keeps you intact psychologically is your belief system. So, when we’re questioning the belief system, it triggers a freefall into instability and this psychological instability is very destabilizing.

Level two conversations will be sharing YouTubes or maybe videos that are saying, ‘hey look, they are doing something different with the data.’ A great example is the stories, whether true or not, some are definitely true but we don’t know how far it’s being blown up, but for example, somebody goes to get Covid tested, the line is too long, they change their mind, they go back home, but they receive notification that they tested positive when they didn’t even get the test.

People are excited about it and they’re looking at it and saying, ‘this is fishy.’ That’s level two. Level two are the people saying something’s not right about this.”

It’s All Political

“Level three is the awareness that it’s organized. There’s an organized manipulation of data. So, this is a major shift because now it’s not just that it’s a sensationalized media. Level two people can go ‘yeah, it’s media who’s taking the ball and running with it.’ Level three people are saying ‘no, actually this is an organized attempt’ and in this category you’re going to see people drawing their attention to ANTIFA, saying it’s organized, it’s funded, why are there bricks being laid out in the street?

Whether true or not, this is a level three discussion. It’s looking for the connecting of the dots that there is not only false information, but that there’s some form of manipulation. In level three, we might come to the conclusion that it is at least a political war, and the level three narrative that you’ll see being posted is, wait ‘till the November election and then the coronavirus will go away, and the protests will go away. So, that suggests that it is an in-country civil war going on, which it certainly feels like that.”

World War III

“The next level is the fourth level; it’s looking at how this situation is playing out in multiple countries, which suggests something much larger than our own country, and if there is a unified and organized attempt to disrupt all the countries, and this is being played out by multiple countries and multiple superpowers, then this whole event and series of circumstances may be called World War III.

So, World War III is probably not going to be fought with soldiers on battlefields. It’s going to be fought with manipulation of data and terrorism in the people and division and hijacking of media and healthcare and finances and travel, all the things that we see are indeed going on. Level four would be saying ‘hey, I don’t know if this is accurate.’

Level four questions are, holy cow, you have this Gates relationship to the World Health Organization and the World Bank and a movement towards getting rid of money and changing to a more Communist system. Not the Communism of Cuba and Russia and of the past; really, it’s a new version of Communism but it is one where… our personal rights will go away. We’ll be highly monitored, highly censored, etcetera…

This would be the class war. This would be that there’s probably a global elite that is moving us to some sort of New World Order.”

Be Prepared but Let It Go and Serve Others

“Level five is that you realize you truly are powerless over it. Now, keep in mind in level five I am still observing level one awareness. I’m still digging into, what is this bug if it is a virus? It could be bacteria, we don’t know. I see patients, and I’m seeing what’s presenting, but under the microscope I have to trust those scientists and the information that actually makes it to the surface because much of it is being pushed out of mainstream media. But I’m still observing safety guidelines.

So, level five can still be all the levels. Level five is the conclusion that there’s a powerlessness. It is also the awareness that level two, three, and four commentaries are offensive to level one and that we care about a lot of people in level one and so that’s unproductive.

If we are in some sort of takeover, then we’re probably going to see more disruptions, disruptions to food supply, to water supply, to money. We don’t know, but there will be disruptions because that’s what has to happen to make us accept the solution, whatever they give us, which could be police drones, I don’t know. Surveillance levels that prior to this we wouldn’t accept, that now we will accept.

Level five is ‘okay, I’m not going to let this occupy my mind anymore. I’m powerless over the majority of it, I’ll keep basic tabs on trends that will affect me and my family and my community, but I’m mostly going to stop posting and stop participating in the conversations because I already get it. I already know there’s something big happening and I can’t quite put my finger on it. There are too many details that are unknown, and I could still be wrong.’

Level five is a return to those things that matter. Spending time with family; reading books that count; educating our kids who are no longer getting education right now… and strengthening up our community connections. I also think in level five, basic preparation, like I said, get some water, get some food. We don’t know that those things are going to be threatened, but they could be.

Level five is, get in your fighting stance. Don’t let the fear and the darkness define you. Be ready and serve others.”

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  1. Personally, I don’t like it when people try to set levels/descriptions of what is what. I’m a vegan, but veganism has been broken into a dozen different levels or names. What ends up happening is vegans waste time arguing about who is more vegan than the other. What is lost is the fact they both eat plant based.

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