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Swiss Researchers Develop Wearable Microchip that Eliminates Bodily Privacy Once and for All

These microchips will eventually connect to the ‘internet of things,’ a comprehensive array of devices which track and record us at all times.

Russian Tennis player Marat Safin and microchip

Russian Tennis Star Believes Coronavirus Will Be Used to Enforce Mandatory Microchips

Only time will tell if Covid-19 will be used to roll out mandatory microchips, but they can only do so if the public accepts them.

Brett Kavanaugh and biometrics

Kavanaugh: Warrantless Data Collection “is Entirely Consistent with the Fourth Amendment”

Kavanaugh’s stance on the Fourth Amendment runs in opposition to what most Americans believe it to mean.

Open hand and biometrics

Smart Technology That Tracks People Through Walls Raises Privacy Concerns

Developers say RF-Pose could be used by healthcare practitioners to monitor diseases, but the technology has been a call to concern for privacy advocates.

Facebook logo restin in Eye

Facebook Teams Up with Shady DARPA Exec to Scan Your Brain and Augment Your Reality

As part of an ongoing research and development venture, a project called Building 8 was created to develop technology “in the style of DARPA.”