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Streets of Rage Composer Yuzo Koshiro is Rebooting the Sega Genesis with One More Game

The legendary Video Game Music (VGM) composer Yuzo Koshiro, who created the soundtrack for the beloved Sega Genesis series Streets of Rage, is developing his own new game for the classic console.

Looking at these pictures, you probably don’t think this game will be a bullet-hell,” said Koshiro on Twitter. “We respect games of the days we love and will make this a fun game to shoot with a new system, fascinating graphics, characters, and a soundtrack.”

This will the the first game Koshiro has developed since Beyond Oasis for the Genesis. Known as The Story of Thor in Europe and Japan, Beyond Oasis is an action adventure game comparable to Illusion of Gaia for the Super Nintendo.

It’s about the first time in 30 years that I’ve worked on MD/Gen since I made all the songs for the Beyond Oasis. Of course, there’s no CD audio streaming,” said Koshiro.

Although Beyond Oasis was released in 1994, Koshiro has composed soundtracks for games as recently as 2021 with Royal Anapoko Academy, a Japan only title for the Nintendo Switch.

Koshiro is also known for his work in ActRaiser, The Revenge of Shinobi, and Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness.

The new game, which has no official title or release date at the moment, will feature music composed in authentic Sega Genesis style with an original YM2612 driver.

Some people might expect I’m going to make EDM/Dance style music on this, but I definitely will not. There wasn’t like the genre in the era, and I don’t think it matches this game,” said Koshiro.

It isn’t common for veteran game developers to create new games for generations-old consoles. But when they do, you know it’ll be pretty cool.

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