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SJWs Claim Gender is “Ongoing List;” Transphobia Needs “Correcting”

How far will the left take “gender fluidity?”

A popular fad in the social justice movement is “gender fluidity,” or the idea that you can move between genders at will without surgery, by simply “believing” that you’ve switched genders.

According to “Genderfluid Support,” a popular Tumblr blog which answers questions about gender from a “gender fluid” perspective, there are actually over 115 different genders and according to some professors you have to acknowledge them all as valid or you are an abuser of victims of oppression.

This ideology demands that some pretty obvious question be answered. What does it mean to be gender fluid? What are the requirements to change genders? What constitutes a gender? And of course, if you can change your gender, why can’t you change your race or species as well?

The Tumblr blog defines gender fluid as “the feeling of fluidity within your gender identity; feeling a different gender as time passes or as situations change; not restricted to any number of genders.”

Apparently, you can simply “become” a new gender at will and everybody must agree. This ideology has driven New York to now legally recognize 31 independent genders including “drag queen,” “butch,” “gender gifted,” and “femme person of transgender experience.”

Here are a few examples from the genderfluid support blog:

Biogender: a gender that feels connected to nature in some way

Ceterogender: a nonbinary gender with specific masculine, feminine, or neutral feelings

Anxiegender: a gender that is affected by anxiety

Ambonec: identifying as both man and woman, yet neither at the same time

Egogender: a gender that is so personal to your experience that it can only be described as “you”

Gender fluidity often describes different genders as feelings such as “connected to nature” or “fragile like glass,” which reflect an emotional state, not sex or gender, or even necessarily gender roles.

One anonymous follower of the blog asked a question about internalized transphobia and was told that “The only thing you can do is correct yourself and keep correcting yourself until it gets at least mostly out of your subconscious.”

Here is a video showing supporters of the idea of gender fluidity protest against Jordan Peterson, a professor at the University of Toronto who said that he would not allow the government to force compelled speech. Notice how they often cover the camera and talk over others, showing a complete lack of respect for freedom of speech.

“Non-Binary” Makes No Sense

Although biologists have found that your sex depends on which chromosomes you get, according to leftists your gender actually depends entirely on how you feel. If you feel like a boy, you’re a boy, and if you feel like you’re a girl then you’re a girl. In reality, if you receive two X chromosomes you are female and if you receive an X and a Y chromosome you are male, aside from rare anomalies.

It seems to me that “gender fluid” people don’t understand the difference between sex, gender, and gender roles. Since the beginning of civilization, gender and sex have been the same, whereas gender roles may differ depending on the person. For example, some women like working masculine jobs like construction and certain Native American tribes had members who were called “two-spirit,” which means that they perform tasks which both men and women typically perform. This doesn’t make them “gender fluid,” it means that they prefer gender roles that aren’t strictly traditional.

Planned Parenthood, a eugenics organization started by admitted racist Margaret Sanger, believes that children as young as four should be taught that “their genitals don’t make them a boy or a girl.” This, as some would argue, is potential child abuse.

Watch this “gender fluid” woman talk about how we need a change in language “to support gender neutrality.”

What Happened to Liberalism?

In the past, the term “liberal” used to mean something; it came from the word liberty and was an ideology based on enlightenment values which resolved the issue of oppression with the defense of individual freedom. Thomas Jefferson considered himself to be liberal, but what he believed is far removed from what the average “liberal” believes today. For this reason, many people consider the modern left to be “leftist,” not “liberal.”

Fast forward to today and it’s impossible not to notice the outright lunacy and hysteria on the left. Even putting Trump aside, the entire worldview that is called “intersectional” or “progressive” leftism is driving people toward a hatred of freedom and an entirely baseless view of science, as well as giving others a reason to embrace conservatism.

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