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Rjay’s Top 3 Retro Twitch Streamers Worth Watching

Finding good retro video game streamers on Twitch can feel time consuming at first. Since Twitch leads other game streaming platforms in terms of users, viewers will come across many hosting personalities and styles.

To help those searching for retro gaming channels on the platform, down below are descriptions of three great retro gaming based Twitch channels.

Twitch Channel: erin_plays
Web Cam: Yes
Average viewers: 100-300
Type of Retro Games: Castlevania, Yoshi’s Island, Kirby and more

Erin plays a variety of retro video games, but the Castlevania series has arguably became the staple of erin_plays as she chooses those titles more often than not. With that said, she also chooses other great and possibly underrated games from the 8-bit and 16-bit era, and new Switch games too.

For example, one of the games Erin chose to stream in the past week was Kirby’s Dream Land Deluxe, a Switch remake of an earlier Kirby entry on SNES. In her most recent stream, she did an NES variety stream with classic titles such as Batman and River City Ransom shown for shorter time periods.
Erin uses a cam on most streams. When she does, viewers can expect to see a red-haired woman with big glasses and a clear Southern California dialect.

While Erin does not catch every chat room comment, it becomes difficult when the numbers of viewers reaches the 100 to 300 range. In fairness, she reads most of the greetings when people come in. Plus, the chats often turn into fun nostalgia trips with talks about old malls and bands from the 1990s.

Once in a while, even Elmo pops out of nowhere and appears on stream. To catch up on the odd interactions between Elmo and Erin, click on this link.

With all the nostalgia discussions and visits from puppets such as Elmo, Erin’s streams are always fun. According to her, it is a “House of Madness.”

Twitch Channels: TheAndySocialNetwork, TheAndyGamingNetwork
Web Cam: Yes
Average viewers: 200-400
Type of Retro Games: Daytime variety, Street Fighter 2 at night

Based in Washington, Andy brings fun to his TheAndySocialNetwork channel with a variety of titles from the 1990s. In other words, expect to see popular NES, SNES and Sega Genesis titles. Some more recent examples of games Andy chose to livestream include Super Metroid and Castlevania: Dracula X.

Andy also offers extra entertainment thanks to his own brand of comedy and voice impressions, as well as the memes that appear on the lower left area. In his earlier days before working as a full-time streamer, Andy did stand-up comedy, and he uses those talents to keep his viewers entertained today.

Andy loves to emulate the voices of various presidents in recent history, including Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. Specific talk about current politics is still not allowed, but lighter jokes are encouraged with his voice impressions.

During night hours, the streams become serious with Andy speed-running various versions of Street Fighter 2 on his second channel TheAndyGamingNetwork. Andy still brings doses of comedy, but viewers should not get surprised when he is focused on the game and not the chat.

Sometimes his anger can become intense during Street Fighter 2, but nothing less is expected from a speedrunner who demands perfection.

For those wanting a comedic daytime streamer who plays 8 and 16-bit titles, or a midnight streamer who speedruns Street Fighter 2, Andy fits the bill. He is an entertaining streamer with solid hosting skills to complete the package.

Twitch Channel: hungrygoriya
Web Cam: No
Average viewers: 100-300
Type of Retro Games: Bubsy, Sonic, old-school RPGs

While hungrygoriya streams all types of retro games, the choices tend to gravitate towards old Japanese RPGs, and not necessarily the familiar ones made by Squaresoft during their golden years in the mid-1990s. For example, right now hungrygoriya is streaming Grandia on the PlayStation.

In addition, hungrygoriya also loves the Bubsy series and uses the popular bobcat as one of the emotes for subscribers. Just try to find that type of emote on any other channel. She will defend Bubsy for the rest of her life, but she also enjoys more popular platformers such as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Because hungrygoriya chooses to place the stream focus on the game rather than herself, a small amount of viewers might lose interest. Other Twitch watchers will not mind the lack of a camera, as she makes up for it with a continually solid list of game selections and consistently clear mic sound.

One other attraction of hungrygoriya’s Twitch streams is the strict use of original hardware. She even manages to use the Virtual Boy once in a while for streaming purposes thanks to a unique setup in her video game room.

Viewers who give the channel a chance can look forward to a distinct voice that almost sounds like a librarian with a Canadian accent. In fact, a few followers use hungrygoriya’s channel to sleep because of the calming voice.

For those who remain awake and watch, they can look forward to plenty of gameplay from mostly old RPGs and a variety of interesting chat topics, including conversations on great Canadian traditions such as maple syrup.

Watch hungrygoriya for quality retro gaming-based streams.

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