Pro-life activist Autumn Schimmer punched

Pro-Life Woman Punched in the Face by Abortion Advocate for Supporting Amy Coney Barrett

A young pro-life organizer was assaulted late September while holding a sign supporting the nomination of judge Amy Coney Barrett (ABC) to the supreme court.

Her sign read “I can’t believe these ‘feminists’ are protesting a woman,” spurring a nearby pro-abortion activist to walk up, punch the pro-life demonstrator in the face, and then quickly flee before clear picture of her could be caught on camera.

“I told her it means all women have the opportunity to be born,” said assault survivor Autumn Schimmer. “She was mad that I didn’t respond to her question. And when I was chanting with one of my co-workers, she hit me in the face and told me that I’m not willing to have a conversation… This just shows that the left is okay with violence.”

The assault was caught on video by Breitbart News, but only in periphery. Life News reports:

“Beginning about 1 hour and 2 minutes into the livestream, the camera appears to be bumped and Schimmer can be seen stumbling backward. Immediately afterward, pro-lifers say she was hit in the face, and they call for police. Schimmer can be seen crying and trembling as the pro-lifers around her comfort her.”

“This is very upsetting. Being attacked by a pro-choicer just shows that the violence of abortion breeds a culture of violence and normalizes it,” explained Schimmer. Afterward, she said, “[the assaulter] ran away into the crowd to hide like a coward.”

The Washington, D.C. police did make an arrest after the assault, said Students for Life Action, and Schimmer stated in a tweet from the same day that she will be pressing charges.

Acts of violence perpetrated against pro-life activists have become commonplace. In 2019, Life News recorded over 100 incidents of assault, death threats, and property damage against pro-lifers, mostly in the United States. These incidents range from billboard vandalism, to credible bomb threats, to an assault on a 76-year old elderly women which caused a concussion she says stopped her from participating in regular activities such as laundry and cooking.

So far, over 40 incidents of assault have been recorded against pro-life individuals in 2020 alone. Among these include:

Two demonstrators were infamously arrested this summer for writing the words “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter” on public land in washable chalk outside of a Planned Parenthood building in Washington, D.C. Notably, when Breitbart recorded the anti-ACB event Schimmer counterprotested, police were conveniently absent while pro-abortion activists wrote their own messages on public sidewalk, and those officers with Supreme Court jurisdiction refused to enforce any anti-chalking laws.

Violence against pro-choice activists and abortionists does exist, but most incidents are logged internally and anonymously by radical pro-abortion groups such as the National Abortion Federation. Either way, acts of violence, intimidation, and vandalism from either side are not acceptable.

Responding to a condescending tweet from an alleged ‘Lifelong Democrat,’ Schimmer retorted, “I’ll take being punched over being aborted any day.”

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