Polyamorous group and child abusing step dad

Step Dad Arrested for Abusing Infant Proves Polyamory Doesn’t Work

While babysitting on March 12th, Ethan Baucom did what can only be explained as an act of deranged jealousy against the baby of his girlfriend’s other lover.

Just months ago, Ethan was being showcased by progressive media outlets alongside his girlfriend and her three other lovers as a shining testament to the efficacy of polyamorous relationships.

“A polyamorous woman has vowed never to go back to monogamy after finding love in four separate partners,” the text read as she was pregnant with the child of 22-year old Christopher.

However, it didn’t take long for jealousy to swarm Ethan after the baby was born, and in a fit of rage, he violently abused his girlfriend’s child with “a minimum of three attacks,” as described by the First Coast Child Protection Team.

Wolfsons Children’s Hospital concluded on March 15th that the child had broken ribs, injuries to her lungs and liver, and “multiple brain bleeds.”

Thankfully, the baby is predicted to have a full recovery, but not without a great deal of pain on everybody’s part.

“I am so distraught that words cannot describe,” said the 5-week old baby’s grandmother. “I’m so overwhelmed with pain, heartache and sorrow over all this.”

Although abuse does happen in monogamous relationships as well, history shows that polyamorous relationships are particularly destructive to families, children, and society at large.

In the July 1926 issue of The Atlantic, an anonymous Russian woman explained that during this time where the radical Soviets were trying to abolish traditional family values, “it was not an unusual occurrence for a boy of twenty to have had three or four wives, or for a girl of the same age to have had three or four abortions” in some areas.

About three hundred thousand of the children who were not aborted were left with no family support, often becoming criminals, drug addicts, and sexual deviants themselves.

By using the Soviet Union as an example, we can infer that when families begin to reject the idea of monogamy, they will inevitably descend into chaos as they lose the stability of the nuclear family.

Having lived through this awful time in history, the writer concludes that “abolishing the [nuclear] family has not by any means eliminated old-fashioned passions of love and jealousy.”

Nothing proves that notion correct more than the horrific abuse caused to an innocent baby by Ethan Baucom.

In a study from 2005 titled Child Deaths Resulting From Inflicted Injuries: Household Risk Factors and Perpetrator Characteristics, researchers discovered that children who live with their mother and another unrelated are 60 times more likely to be killed than children living with their married father and mother. Additionally, the perpetrator is the mother’s boyfriend 84% of the time.

Monogamous relationships exist, and have flourished around the world, because they correctly combine the need to provide resources for offspring so that they are optimally healthy and reproductively fit for the next generation, with certainty that the child is theirs.

In contrast, poly relationships remove this certainty and assume that resources will be taken from those who are not carrying on their genetic lineage in any way.

Human beings aren’t built for this type of environment. Relationships have evolved into a monogamous state because it is optimal for the fitness of a child to grow up in a nuclear family home with two parents.

We all have the capacity for possessiveness, jealousy, and immense love for our children and spouses. These are all not only essential emotions, but an indication that monogamy exists for good reason.

Baucom’s bail is set at $250,000, perhaps sending a message to those thinking of following in his footsteps.

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