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Phillip Schneider Joins Blacklisted News in the Animating Battle for Liberty

Ten years from now, do you see yourself as free as you are today? That is the question I have addressed during my five years as an alternative news writer.
Thomas Jefferson famously said “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Although I may not be quite as radical as the founding father, I fully agree that without a significant fight from well-informed Americans, the tyrannical side of power hungry politicians and bureaucrats will eventually overtake us and our unalienable rights will greatly suffer.
This is why in 2021 I will be joining Blacklisted News as a staff writer to cover many of the topics I already have and many more in this great animating battle for liberty.
My previous coverage of subjects like trans-humanism, genetic engineering, politics and culture, which mainstream media outlets blackball or snub to the back page, is why I feel that I will be a perfect fit. You may have even seen my work here before without realizing it.
Over the years, my content has been published on Blacklisted News, Zero Hedge, Activist Post, Waking Times, and a whole plethora of alternative media blogs with similar points of interest. I also post each of my major stories to my website.
If you want to know my political philosophy, it is very simple. Forcing other to do things against their will is a fundamental violation of their rights and it is time that we get back to our roots and begin appreciating the gifts of liberty again, rather than continually tyrannizing and tearing each other down.
My goal in 2021 is to promote this spirit of 1776 with timely information and commentary. One of the most important values of our country is freedom of speech. While technically the first amendment applies only to government, this value is integral to a free and functioning democracy of any form which is why I focus so heavily on supporting censorship-free communications platforms. The future of our entire nation truly hangs in the balance of this single issue.
Another area of interest for me has been the second amendment. I take self-defense seriously, especially when so many seem have an intense desire to lock everybody down in their homes and disarm them. As a reader recently said to me, history has proven unequivocally that unarmed populations always become victims of their enemies or government. It is time we get back to the basics of our constitution and respect the right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves how they see fit.
Finally, I intend to spend more time creating content oriented toward culture this year, rather than purely politics and analysis of current events. I feel that if we fail to make a significant impact in the culture, we risk falling into the AM Radio trap of talking among ourselves while never reaching those less directly interested. I wrote a whole separate article about this last week.
On a more personal level, this year could be the biggest of all time for my work and that of Blacklisted News. With so much change happening in the industry, your support makes all the difference in how much time and capital we can invest in our values.
I hope that you will join me in this animating fight to keep the proverbial tree of liberty alive.

About the Author
Phillip Schneider is a staff writer for Blacklisted News. If you would like to see more of his work, you can follow his Facebook Page, become a subscriber on the free speech social network Minds, or support him on Patreon.
This article (Phillip Schneider Joins Blacklisted News in the Animating Battle for Liberty) originally appeared on Blacklisted News and was re-posted here with permission.

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