Liberals Control The Media, Pushing Their Leftist Agenda, It’s Not Right

If our society is set up to force you into becoming a leftist, which way do you think you should lean?


Prohibition, What Drugs Can Teach Us About Guns

If we treat guns like we have with drugs, we might just end up with more, not less.

SJWs Claim Gender is “Ongoing List;” Transphobia Needs “Correcting”

How far will the left take “gender fluidity?”

VIDEO: Watch “The Debunkers” Tear Apart Leftist Gun Control Arguments

In this hilarious video, FreedomToons takes on common leftist gun control arguments with satire and witty comedy.

MSM Pushes for More Censorship Over Fear of Digitally Altered Video

According to CBS, social media giants are “looking for ways to regulate” altered video.

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