Former United Nations Climate Expert Calls For Global Rules on Geoengineering

“We urgently need an open, inclusive discussion on how the world will research and govern solar geoengineering. Otherwise we could be in danger of events overtaking society’s capacity to respond prudently and effectively.”


Company Develops Revolutionary Way to Create Leather, Wood, and Bricks from Mushrooms

Researchers at a San Francisco Bay startup company have discovered a way to counteract environmental degradation.

Environmentalists and Farmers Seek Court Decision Halting Use of Dow’s ‘Agent Orange’ Pesticide

EPA admitted its approval could harm hundreds of endangered species, but decided to give it a green light anyway.

As War Drums Beat for Syria, Remember, Lies And Propaganda Started Nearly Every War In US History

To get around the obstacle of public opinion, governments have an extensive history of lying their way into war.

Florida Activist Who Fought Release of GM Mosquitoes Found Dead in Hotel Pool

On Tuesday morning Mila de Mier—a 45-year-old activist from Key West, Florida who opposed the release of genetically engineered mosquitoes—was found dead in a swimming pool at a hotel in Washington D.C.

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