Canadian protesters marching against lockdown orders in Montreal with Trump 2020 flags

One Hundred Thousand Canadians Protest Lockdown Orders While Waving Trump 2020 Flags – “USA, USA, USA”

Thousands of Canadians marched against government-mandated Covid-19 restrictions this September, chanting “USA, USA, USA” while waving Trump 2020 flags.

Protest signs and Trump 2020 flags touted uniquely American slogans such as “Keep America Great” and “Better to Die Free than Live Without Freedom”, a tip of the hat to Patrick Henry’s 1775 “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech.

“It really was crazy how many American and Trump 2020 flags were there for a Canadian protest,” said one journalist.

Thousands of Canadians have become so disenfranchised by their current government’s draconian lockdown orders that they are actually supporting the president of a neighboring country instead.

However, it is not likely that they want to become part of the United States. Canadians who love Canada are hungry for the culture of rights and sovereignty that characterizes America’s founding.

“Trump epitomizes the revolt against globalism,” said one rally goer. “People must run their affairs, not politicians. If America falls to the globalists, it’s easier for the rest of the world to follow.”

The idea that it is better to die free than live in bondage cuts straight to the heart of America’s founding principles. It emphasizes the value of letting others live their lives how they want, whether or not you agree with their decisions.

People often make the case for mandatory masks by arguing that an other’s decision to go out mask-less may spread the virus and interfere with your right not to catch it.

You could similarly argue, as many are, that your right to speak freely interferes with my right not to hear offensive speech, or that your right to self-defense interferes with my right to feel safe. Without truly valuing freedom, a society quickly devolves into tyranny, either by an elite class, or by the majority. The culture of ‘live and let live’ is what makes America shine.

In American philosophy, the idea of ‘positive rights’ does not exist. You can not claim right to another person’s resources or liberty because you want something from them. That would violate the ‘negative right’, or unalienable right of the other person to use their own body, mind, and property how they choose.

“Americanism, not Globalism, will be our credo” was Trump’s rallying cry during his campaign in 2016.

Donald Trump currently represents this idea to many people, not least because of his decision not to mandate masks across the United States. The protest in Canada goes far beyond a simple march against masks, as the media characterizes it. This rally reflects a cultural hole in Canadian life, embodied by a feeling of disregard toward the rights of many Canadian citizens.

“Beautiful rally in Montreal today. Peaceful walk full of joyful energy. Well done the organizers and walkers,” one observer stated, highlighting that, unlike many Leftist American protests, theirs remained entirely peaceful. “Monsieur, you don’t have to wear a mask, it’s a beautiful day,” said another.

“All humanity is in danger if we blindly obey these excessive rules.”

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