Mission Statement

Blog Mission Statement

This blog is the publication of the community. We are by the people and for the people, seeking to highlight moments we share on Twitch, sharing interesting stories about gaming, and much, much more.

My mission is to build a competitive outlet similar to other gaming publications but with a focus on strengthening smaller streamers, game designers, and more.

A few focuses of this blog are as follows:

  • Showcasing independent game developers and giving them a platform to spread the word about their creations.
  • Sharing interesting gaming news, level-headed cultural commentary, and notable moments on Twitch.
  • Introducing readers to new and interesting ideas and information they may have never encountered before.
  • Giving the community a voice in a way no one else can.
  • Supporting free speech and privacy-centered tech.
  • Promoting the growth of smaller streamers with good values.
  • Offering a counterculture, so to speak, to mainstream gaming outlets.

Streaming Mission Statement

I have thought a lot about the role of a streamer and content creator in the context of our modern situation. Right from the start, I have had a purpose for what I do, and I feel that is prudent at this time to articulate what that purpose is in the form of a list of goals. Nothing is fundamentally changing as I have spoken to most of these before, but this is the best way for everyone to see a clear list of values which outline my intention behind streaming.

Goal #1: To Build a Thriving Community of Genuine Friendships, Shared Values, and Mutual Support The largest and most important aspect of streaming is friendships. Contrary to the common view that streamers are expert gamers with a lot of money to spend on fancy equipment, the truth is that building up a streaming career is about focusing on genuine friendships which mutually benefit each individual.

This is not the same as networking or partnerships but rather honest and genuine friendships. I have always vocally opposed the notion that a successful streaming endeavor necessitates costly equipment or ingenuine networking and I will advocate and fight for this value.

Goal #2: To Support Technology Which Champions Free Speech and Maintains a Level Playing Field Between Smaller and Larger Creators Some of you know that before streaming, I worked as a writer and editor for small online media companies for over five years. I have experienced the damage that relying on censorious and money-hungry corporations can cause to a small business. In fact, the reason I started streaming in the first place was because I had lost my dream career as a writer.

In my journey as a gaming content creator, I will support positive changes in the tech industry which allow smaller content creators the opportunity to compete with larger and more established individuals and organizations. This includes: 1) a fair and competitive search function, 2) equal and transparent content distribution, and 3) free speech centered revenue generation with a low barrier to entry.

Goal #3: To Encourage Genuine Content Creation with a Purpose At first glance, it can appear that being successful as a content creator requires devaluing yourself and stooping into some low, degrading behaviors. The front pages of Twitch and Trovo are filled with scantily dressed girls licking microphones and prostituting themselves on OnlyFans.

This leads many to believe that in order to find any value in streaming or content creation in general, they have to engage in these same types of behaviors. Because of this, many never try, and others do things that they later regret. I do not believe that this is good for anyone and in fact I see it as not only predatory but one of the worst aspects of streaming or even the internet in general.

My goal is to show that being a successful streamer or content creator can be attained through a passion for the content creation process, building genuine friendships, and engaging in meaningful and positive interests such as those described here.

Each individual has something unique and beautiful to offer and that is overshadowed by the low forms of entertainment stated above. I oppose excessive sexualization of content creators and instead believe in encouraging the varied talents and interests of individuals and I will support others who share this value.

Goal #4: To Support Charities and Causes Not only as a content creator, but as a human being I feel that it is our duty to help others. Streaming gives me a unique platform to support various causes either through word of mouth or direct financial support. I have given to charities through campaigns on Twitch and Patreon before and I intend on making this an ongoing part of what I do.

Goal #5: To Persistently Maintain Improving Quality to Compete with Larger Creators The overall focus of any streamer is entertainment. That is the “product”, if you will, which we are “selling”. In order to advance as a content creator and promote the values stated here, it is necessary that I continually improve the quality of my content in a competitive way. My goal here is to unleash the resources I gain from streaming to make constant upgrades so I can be the most positive influence on culture and technology that I can possibly be.

Conclusion I believe that every day we inevitably must make choices which can change the lives of others and ourselves. This list of goals is the philosophical outline behind my decision to be a streamer. It describes how I feel I can have the most positive effect on the world around me and why I have the motivation to continue on this path to begin with. Finally, it also gives you all an idea of where I come from and what you support when you come to my streams or support me as an individual.