Meet Hjellith – The Dark Wizard of Speedrunning

I first met Hjellith back in November of 2021. He came into my channel while I was struggling with A Link to the Past and helped me through the game every time I got stuck.

It won’t take long for Hjellith‘s kindness to infect you. Out of everyone I know on Twitch, Hjellith is probably the nicest and most patient person. He has so much patience that he was able to fully complete Superman 64, Dark Souls with Crowd Control, and ranks 72nd in the world for Ninja Gaiden on Speedrun.com.

Hjellith plays a large variety of games, from A Link to the Past Randomizer races every Monday, to Sunday playthrough days where he’s completed several Breath of Fire games, Resident Evil 2, and my personal favorite game of all time, Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon.

As I said before, Hjellith is 72nd in the world at Ninja Gaiden (Any%) speedrunning. But that number has been as low as 60 and he also ranks 142nd in the world for the Any% Warpless category of Super Mario Bros 3.

Additionally, Hjellith speedruns games he has never submitted to speedrun.com. Right now, his speedrunning game of choice is Super Mario RPG (okay, I might have had something to do with this by helping skew his Discord poll!)

One of the coolest things about Hjellith‘s streams is that he spends a lot of time working with a bot called SAMMI. This bot is set up to run periodic word scrambles and number guessing games. It’s a ton of fun, but don’t ever place your bet that I’ll solve a word scramble longer than 4 letters!

Hjellith’s streams have a whole host of cool things that you will discover over time if you hang out on his streams long enough. One of the most technologically interesting is if you click on the Twitch stream screen, it will actually make a kiss show up on stream for everyone to see!

If you want to spark conversation, ask Hjellith about his V-Tuber model. On top of looking like a badass dark sorceress, it has more lore behind it than you might think!

“She is a Necromancer and a Diabolist, I would say Dark Wizard if anything rather than sorceress. Mostly cause she is more the studied type rather than the spontaneous magic type” – Hjellith

Stop by Hjellith’s stream sometime. You’ll probably see me there!

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