Lexdyskia – The All-American Memelord of the most Wonderful Twitch Community

Lexdyskia is a good long-time friend and hilarious variety streamer who will make you crack up with his out of pocket jokes and rugged American personality.

He plays games ranging from Minecraft to Zelda to Terraria and more, but the real appeal that will keep you coming back is his zany personality, fun attitude, and amazing community.

On his channel, you can pay channel points to spin the “wheel”. Depending on where it lands, you can get VIP status, a timeout, or make him play a game that he really hates!

Or, if you’re really (un)lucky it will land on SPAM SHOT – forcing Lex to take a drink out of a hollowed out chunk of spam (ew!).

Lex also has a YouTube channel filled with interesting videos about the possible green bean conspiracy (you have to watch it to understand), storable food reviews, and real life shooting of various guns he has (did I mention his very American lifestyle?).

Each time Lex gets a raid on Twitch, he blares a real life authentic raid siren and tells his audience to get back in the trenches!

In addition to gaming, Lex also often does cooking streams where he teaches the audience how to make relatively easy and tasty meals without using seed oils!

I have known Lex and his wife Ash, who also streams, for years at this point and they are both really fantastic people. They love their friends and family (including their two cats) and spend a lot of time chatting in and supporting other streams.

He will instill the image of Garfield in your mind for all time. He will inspire you to duck and cover during the raid sirens. But most of all, he will make you laugh.

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