Kaitlin Bennett and angry Black Lives Matter mob

Kaitlin Bennett Forced Off Campus by Black Lives Matter Mob Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Polarization in America

Conservative journalist and gun rights activist Kaitlin Bennett was forced off of the University of Central Florida’s campus this week by an angry mob of leftist students for daring to present herself as a Trump supporter at a Liberal University.

“If ideas have to be presented with force, you are already losing,” Kaitlin said as she was ushered out by the mob.

Even campus police sided with the students when they told Kaitlin and her crew that if they did not leave, they would be trespassed and forced out, sending the message that angry mobs can control which political views are allowed to be held at public Universities.

To illustrate the ignorance that these angry mobs imbue, last month Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was harassed in Washington, D.C. by a ‘crazed mob’ ordering ‘say her name!’ The person in which they were referring to was Breonna Taylor, a black woman shot to death in a no-knock police raid last March. Rand Paul authored the ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor Act’ shortly after her death with the aim of ending no-knock warrants, but truth does not matter to an angry mob.

If Kaitlin were a black woman kicked out of a whites-only bar by an angry mob in the early 1960’s, the nation would be rightfully outraged over such a blatant disregard for humanity and justice. However, in 2020 it is apparently acceptable to force journalists out of public spaces for their political beliefs.

Democrats do not commonly denounce the violence being caused by Black Lives Matter supporters. Aside from a handful of center-left media personalities like Tim Pool and Joe Rogan, it is hard to find a liberal who is as passionate about rioters and street violence as they are about climate change or gun control.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has become a front group for some of the vilest hatred and utter destruction that the country has seen in many decades. Government buildings have been burned to the ground, cop cars set ablaze, and local businesses destroyed and looted, all to promote ‘social justice’ under the banner of BLM.

Richard Spencer, the poster-boy of the American White-Nationalist movement and inventor of the term ‘alt-right’, stated that he ‘deeply regrets voting and promoting Donald Trump in 2016’ and plans to vote straight-ticket Democrat in 2020.

The reason Spencer, who once played a leading role in the ‘Unite the Right’ Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, now aligns with Joe Biden is because far left Intersectionalists and far right White Nationalists both view history and human relations through the collectivist prism of race and ethnicity.

Black Lives Matter could be most aptly described as the Ku Klux Klan of modern-day racists. Not all BLM supporters are radicals, but the two movements view humanity through the divisive lens of race rather than the uniting view of a common America which we can all share.

It has become clear that we are living in two Americas, one that respects human dignity, and the other in the power of mobs to control those they despise.

Watch the full video of Kaitlin Bennett getting forced off campus by an angry mob and make sure to donate to her Patreon so she can keep exposing the truth:

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