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Kai Cenat Beats Out xQc for Most Twitch Subs at One Time

Kai Cenat just broke the top spot for most Twitch subs to an English speaking channel, beating out xQc before the year’s end.

For a lot of streamers, money has been harder to come by lately. For Kai to take the top spot despite having about a third of the follows xQc has shows that strong communities are really what give heart and life to Twitch.

With more economic hardship possibly coming down the road, there may be some people who are a little nervous if they can support their favorite streamers, and if so, how?

Whenever someone is able to make a lot of money from streaming, many would consider that they have made it to what could be referred to as the nadir, or the pinnacle, of what a streamer often wants to be.

Most Twitch users at one point or another have to cut back on their subscriptions so that bills and necessities are met. Outside of a very dense select few, those who stream understand that.

That is to say we can see it from both sides, so while Kai deserves a round of congratulations there is something to be said to just opening up the page, finding your favorite runner or artist and just chilling with them while you work on your own things.

Do not feel guilty if you cannot give when things are tight. Any streamer worth watching is just happy to have people around and wants to do well for the communities they build. It may not be enough for someone to rocket up and take Kai’s crown right now, but being happy for the communities often is enough for the streamer.

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