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Indefinite Lockdown? – Coronavirus Mutates to Bypass Masks and Handwashing, Study Finds

A new strain of coronavirus has emerged which spreads even more contagiously by evading masks and handwashing, says a new study.

The strain is being referred to as the ‘D614G mutation’ and accounts for 99.9% of new cases in Houston, Texas. According to the Washington Post, this study is “the largest single aggregation of genetic sequences of the virus in the United States thus far.”

David Morens, a virologist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and Senior Advisor to Anthony Fauci, explains how this mutation could severely hamper our ability to contain the virus.

“Wearing masks, washing our hands, all those things are barriers to transmissibility, or contagion, but as the virus becomes more contagious, it statistically is better at getting around those barriers.” – David Morens [SOURCE]

Although the study has not been peer-reviewed, it opens up some interesting questions about our response to the virus. If mutations occur which allow the virus to get around mask-wearing, Morens posits that it may soon avoid vaccination immunity as well.

“Although we don’t know yet, it is well within the realm of possibility that this coronavirus, when our population-level immunity gets high enough, this coronavirus will find a way to get around our immunity. If that happened, we’d be in the same situation as with flu. We’ll have to chase the virus and, as it mutates, we’ll have to tinker with our vaccine.”

The coronavirus could be with us forever—just like the flu. In that scenario, will governments allow society to normalize in order to evade harsh economic consequences and restrictions on our freedoms, or will they instead opt to keep us locked down forever?

In general, all biological lifeforms tend to mutate in ways that increase their chances of survival and reproduction. While transmissibility may go up, it is considered unlikely that the virus will become more deadly because killing the host is not a very effective way to stay alive.

Because of this mutation, locking down countries and mandating masks on a wide scale may have actually made the problem worse. While we are having this issue in America, citizens of countries like Sweden, which have somewhat larger infection rates, have been gaining immunity to the virus much faster as a result of not locking down.

As this information comes out, remember that YouTube has deleted a whole catalogue of content about the virus, including a viral video of two doctors explaining how exposure to germs helps strengthen your immune system.

While mainstream media outlet CBC instructs children to ‘Fact-Check’ their parents’ coronavirus views, censored doctors around the world have been trying to explain that debate regarding the virus and its proper response does exist, as more than 500 doctors and scientists in Germany have joined an organization to question whether the governmental response to the virus has been appropriate.

“We have serious doubts that these measures are proportionate,” they said.

It is not fully understood where the virus originated. Tucker Carlson blasted Facebook for censoring an interview with a Chinese virologist who argues that the coronavirus was created in a Chinese lab, a view popularized after an article surfaced from the science journal Nature which exposed a Chinese lab created only years ago ‘to study [the] world’s most dangerous pathogens’ in Wuhan, China, the origin city of the global outbreak.

You can watch Tucker’s full interview with the virologist on the free-speech video hosting site BitChute:

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