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I Give Up – Fact Checkers Are Right and Joe Biden Won the Election!

I just want to send everyone a message letting you all know that the self-entitled, liberal, cardigan wearing mother you-know-whaters have won. I mean, the thoughtful and intelligent fact-checkers contracted by Facebook and YouTube have won.

It is just too difficult to run a truth-telling business in this type of environment anymore, so I am now only interested in sharing pre-approved information which our overlords at Snopes and Lead Stories agree with.

While working at Waking Times, I have witnessed the same issue that many others in the alternative media are dealing with. Our job has always been to tell the truth as we see it and to cut through the regular news cycle to inform our readers about important issues affecting them.

However, the social media platforms we used to rely on are now censoring, shadow-banning, and in some cases just outright banning any of us who share opinions or facts which contradict the Democrat party, mainstream media, or world government bodies like the UN. You all know that.

After being strong-armed by “fact-checking” organizations who have essentially been threatening us with poorer reach and borderline slanderous messages underneath our posts, I realized that it’s time to throw in the towel, so I decided to come clean about the many well-researched subjects and facts I have been writing about over the past five years. I mean, the dangerous misinformation I have been wrongfully spreading without the government’s permission.

Trump is a Fascist Neo-Nazi Who Hates Mexicans!

When Donald Trump first ran, I saw him primarily as a scapegoat who represents a particular cultural moment in American history. He has done some very good things while in office such as canceling the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and a handful of bad things too, like passing omnibus spending bills that have raised the national debt by enormous amounts. But, what really matters is our contributions to society as individuals, not the president.

I have evolved in my view since then, but now that every major social media platform is being policed by hyper-partisan liberal hacks I just remembered that Donald Trump is clearly a racist, xenophobic, woman-hating bigot! If that weren’t true, then our all-knowing overlords at Facebook would be fact-checking articles from leftist outlets like CNN, MSNBC and The Young Turks.

But they aren’t, which clearly shows that CNN only tells the truth, while us hateful bigots in the independent media are just making the problem worse and must wash away our wrong-think immediately! I will no longer acknowledge anything good the greatest president modern history has done. Which, clearly, he hasn’t.

Thanks for clearing that up, guys. Or, girls, or xe’s, or whatever.

Voter Fraud? There’s No Voter Fraud!

I also need to address the obvious lie that Joe Biden only won the election because of voter fraud. Despite the fact that a lawsuit has been sent to the Supreme Court only recently by the state of Texas arguing unconstitutional ballot counting and voter fraud in several states, there clearly is no voter fraud because YouTube just announced they will be deleting every video uploaded from this point on alleging voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Don’t watch Kaitlin Bennett’s report on this here:

Well, at least until the fact-checkers decide to allow it again and then it’s true.

Alternative Perspectives Deserve to be Punished!

Last week, Joe Martino, a leader in the field of evil internet misinformation and founder of Collective-Evolution, that’s in case you were wondering, a site which you should definitely not ever visit, bookmark, or follow on any of their social media platforms unless you want to be infected with misinformation not approved by your friendly thought police, posted a video on his experience with Facebook fact-checkers. (Did I mention that Joe was just recently banned from Facebook?)

Fact-checking has become a ginormous problem,” Joe says. “They are just going all-out trying to find ways to silence independent media completely at this point.”

I agree. Us rambunctious free thinkers need to be put in our place so we don’t interrupt the important group think of the boot licking, brainwashed, mainstream media watching sheep. I mean, the intelligent and well-informed citizens who would never believe in harmful conspiracy theories or dangerous concepts like individual liberty!

Joe continues his misinformation rampage with a talk about how Lead Stories, one of Facebook’s fact-checkers, is cherry-picking studies and ignoring others to make a point that vitamin B-17 doesn’t exist, which it clearly doesn’t because Lead Stories said so.

They’re saying, well I don’t care what your other evidence says. I’m only looking at this one piece and I’ve already decided that vitamin B-17 doesn’t exist and there’s no chance for us to agree to disagree or there’s no chance for us to admit that this is a controversial issue.” – Joe Martino

That’s right, Joe. If the fact-checkers say it is false, then it is false. Get with the program already.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Do NOT Bypass Our System of Thought Control!

Submit to the Borg. Do NOT try to escape. The control that will inevitably come down upon your mind by the benevolent thought-dictators at Facebook is good for you. If you do resist, you risk becoming a danger to society and yourself. Ideas such as natural rights, free thought, and constitutional law are prohibited by your rulers. You will obey.

So, if you were thinking about making an account on another website to support a free press and avoid fact-checkers, think again. You absolutely should not sign up for, a Facebook alternative that puts privacy first and opposes censorship.

Also, you should definitely not ever consider making an account on Gab, a Twitter alternative that has a long-standing policy of opposing any kind of censorship. Same with Parler.

And finally, if you care at all about baseball, mom, or apple pie, you should, without a doubt, never join BitChute, a YouTube alternative that was set up explicitly to provide a place for everyone to speak their minds within the restrictions of the first amendment to the United States constitution, including those who have been banned elsewhere.

And just to make this extra clear, here’s a few misleading media companies with accounts on these terrible hosts of lies:

Phillip Schneider (Me) – MindsGabBitChute


The Free Thought ProjectMindsGab

Collective EvolutionMindsGab

Activist PostMindsGabBitChute

Natural NewsGabBitChute

Truth TheoryMinds

Sorry if I missed anyone. You’re probably thinking, hey, why are you on these hateful platforms? Well, the only answer I have to that question is that I’ll delete my accounts as soon as they can pry my computer away from my cold, dead han-, er, I mean….

That is what I mean. Let’s show these Silicon Valley snobs we mean business! 😏

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Phillip Schneider is a staff writer and assistant editor for Waking Times. If you would like to see more of his work, you can like his Facebook Page, or follow him on the free speech social network Minds.

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