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Fans are Building a Game Based on Luigi’s Lore in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

We seek to bring Luigi’s adventure as described in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door to life!” – the developers

If you have ever played Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, you may have noticed a series of books purchasable in the Rogueport shop called Super Luigi.

These books tell the story of Luigi’s adventures saving Princess Eclair in the Waffle Kingdom while Mario is busy collecting crystal stars and saving the world. The player can even talk to Luigi himself throughout the game as well as his partners who all inform you that Luigi bends the truth of his stories.

The day dawned like any other, but little did Luigi know the letter he was about to receive would forever change his destiny.” – Super Luigi

Independent developers are now fulfilling every kid’s wish to see this comedic narrative be made into a real video game. Paper Luigi: The Marvelous Compass is being developed continuously with regular updates on their Twitter account.

A first prototype exposé was released last Summer showing how far animations, character models, cut scenes and environments have come. It looks almost exactly like The Thousand Year Door!

Two original remixes have also been composed just for this game with the same sound font as the original. Despite being early in development, the whole game seems to be a wonderful rendition of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (TTYD) with that distinctive quirky Luigi vibe.

Some new designs have even been features on the official Twitter account for the game.

The developers clearly have a great sense of humor because not only is their Twitter profile a place to find updates on the game, but it is filled with memes and development jokes too.

Projects like this are always at risk of being taken down by Nintendo, but as a big Paper Mario fan I am excited to see where this one goes!

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