Don’t Miss Chainsawbear – The Coolest Streamer You Will Ever Meet

Chainsawbear is one of the coolest streamers you will ever meet on Twitch. He started his streaming journey because of his awesome cousin RocketSauna. Both big fans of retro and Indy games, they form a strong duo with kickass diverse content.

I was invited to come watch him [RocketSauna] play retro games one Friday night and it was the first time in years it felt like we actually had a hang out. I decided I wanted to do that hangout thing and jumped in with both feet!”

Chainsawbear sees streaming for what it is at its best: a hangout between friends. His favorite thing about streaming is having an outlet to express himself.

While also learning new skills because I want to improve my stream, making new friends and collaborating with people is a big motivator for that.”

He likes streaming a variety of games, from classic 80’s titles to modern Indy games not giving the light they deserve.

My main style would be retro-inspired indies,” says Chainsaw. “My favorite games to stream are games with dialogue, but no voice actors. I really like trying out voices on stream.”

When Chainsaw was a kid, he grew up playing platformers and shoot ’em ups (also called “shmups”) on his Sega Master System. “The most notable would be Fantasy Zone 2,” he says. “I love playing any kind of platformer and I’ve grown to love Metroidvania‘s even though it’s a genre I’m fairly new to.”

The memory of playing retro games as a kid is a huge influence to him today. He prefers the quality of life that modern games grant him as the player, but the aesthetic of classic 8- and 16-bit games “just sings to me,” he says.

Outside of streaming, Chainsaw lives to snowboard, hike, and stay active outdoors as much as he can. In the warmer seasons he camps and he has been known to attend raves from time to time. “My favorite place in the world is a secret hot spring out here in British Columbia,” Chainsaw reminisces.

Along with his cousin RocketSauna, the V-Tuber and legendary speedrunner of Ninja Gaiden and Super Mario Bros. 3, Hjellith, is another big inspiration to him.

I’m inspired to keep building my stream because of streamers like them and so many more I could mention, but those were the biggest influences on me.”

Chainsaw’s advice for new streamers is to “figure out why you want to stream, and build onto that. If you want to have a place for people to hang out and interact with you, look into different chatbots and apps like Mix It Up and Sammi to integrate community interaction.”

If you want to have a place to record your gaming, but not sure if you want to interact so much, focus on that. No matter what you’re streaming for, just start somewhere and build on it from there. Your stream is a reflection of you, but it’s okay to start small. Always be changing and improving: that’s what keeps a stream alive.”

Chainsawbear isn’t just a fun streamer to hang out with, but a great friend. You can find him streaming his signature Saturday Morning Indie on Twitch as well as in various Discord servers like the Jank Bros and Couch Gamer Collective.

Saturday Morning Indie

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