Here’s Where You Can Still Find Donald Trump’s Tweets After Twitter Ban

Last Wednesday, President Trump was permanently removed from Twitter. Since then, several other companies have also banned him including Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and the payment processor he used for selling campaign merchandise and collecting donations.

In this sweeping purge of conservative voices online, over 70,000 accounts have subsequently been taken off of Twitter for supporting QAnon, which is loosely associated with the violence perpetrated at the capitol on January 6th.

Censorship is nothing new to big technology companies like Twitter. Two years ago, Facebook removed the pages of roughly one hundred alternative media blogs, some with millions of followers. None of these pages were overtly pro-Trump, which tells you that this is more than just a purge of conservative voices, it is an all-out depersoning of everyone who dissents against the government or status quo woke culture.

If we allow this deplatforming to continue, it could lead us to a society where anyone who questions government power have to build their own platforms with their own infrastructure and that could, very sadly, lead us to much greater conflict in the future as two halves of the country are cut off from each other.

Thankfully, many are building alternative social sites and internet infrastructure to combat this authoritarian ethnic cleansing of political dissidents online. One of those patriots is Andrew Torba, CEO of, a Twitter alternative born in August of 2016 to offer a space where anyone can speak freely within the confines of the first amendment (in other words, legal speech which excludes libel, slander, and incitement to violence).

Make the Internet Great Again Gab Donald Trump

Some time ago, Gab created an account for the Donald. He has not posted on it personally yet, but you can find all of his previous tweets since the account was created (over 2.9 thousand of them). Although his current 1.2 million followers is much less than the 88 million he had on Twitter, it is still a sizable number and if more follow him there, it could motivate him to begin posting regularly again.

If the website doesn’t load, just check back the next day because Gab is experiencing a lot of traffic right now due to the censorship by Twitter and Facebook. Gab is also currently in talks with the Trump Team to get him regularly posting on Gab.

Right now is crunch time for American free speech. Whether or not you like Trump is irrelevant; if you do not support his freedom of speech then you do not support anyone else’s. It is time to fight back against these tyrannical cowards at Silicon Valley who seem to believe that election fraud and censorship are the only tactics remaining for the authoritarian left to win politically or socially against a very strong liberty movement.

Their acts of censorship will only make things much more intense and further divide America. Let’s not let give them what they want and counteract nonviolently and peacefully via supporting alternative companies and creators.

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  1. I agree with the commenter above. Trump is a loser who had all of this coming. And quite frankly this article is bullshit. Sorry.

  2. Trump: Biggest loser of the decade. Also, if “conservative voices” wanted to be heard they shouldn’t have been spending the last couple years pushing BS narratives to undermine valid and purposeful processes. They did this to themselves and deserve every ounce of consequence

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