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Donald Trump Doesn’t Matter – Three Things YOU Can Do to Change the World

We’re living in a crazy, crazy world, but it’s been like this for a long time. If you think that we’ve only entered into the nightmare zone now that Trump is president, you’re sorely mistaken.

To understand the whole picture takes a lot of work. It’s only bits and pieces that can be placed into a single article. But if we’re not careful, without our consent we could be taken into a freakish future that’s hard to describe even for someone who’s been researching it for the past few years.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but it’s entirely the decision of each of us as individuals whether we go down the road of authoritarianism and freakish technology, or the path of human sovereignty. It depends on whether we take the initiative to learn the information, or if we falter and lose ourselves to the clown world.

Under the last four years or so of Obama, especially after Edward Snowden’s leaks, people really started to wake up. Information was being spread like wildfire and interest in government corruption, GMO’s, fluoride, corporate totalitarianism, the environment, etc., etc., was at a peak. This all changed however, as Donald Trump got close to his election.

I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy to get us all to stop paying attention to real issues, but that’s undeniably what happened. As much as Trump has done to help humanity by discarding the TPP (which was a VERY scary issue during the Obama era, believe me), virtually defeating ISIS, etc., it’s still very demoralizing to see people lose interest in such important issues just to focus on politics and the culture war.

Don’t think that I’m sitting on a high horse here either, because I’ve been taken in as well.

But the piece of wisdom that we all need to understand right now is this: you can’t change corruption in Washington, at least not easily, but you can improve yourself. All it takes is motivation and drive.

The decisions that you make in your life matter a heck of a lot more than whether you vote for Donald Trump, Tulsi Gabbard, or show purely symbolic support to some politician in Washington.

So, if you’ve been focused on politics a little too much lately like most of us have, here are a few things you can do to make the world a little better than it was before.

Shop Consciously

The products you buy make such a massive impact on the world that you could not even begin to understand. Buying Certified Organic groceries and Made in America products, you can help to solve a whole mess of issues.

Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder:

By buying organic, you are supporting farmers who do not use a brand of pesticide called neonicotinoids, which are one of the main causes of the honeybee colony collapse that is happening widespread across the globe right now. There are not a whole lot of food items which don’t need bees to produce, meaning that if these chemicals are allowed into the environment at too high of concentrations for too long, we will start to see massive food shortages.

Biotech Takeover of the Global Food Supply:

This issue is a little heavier, but if you research the biotech industry enough you will find out that their business model is based on a takeover of the genetic structure of all our food crops.

In order to plant GMO crops legally, you have to first gain permission from one of the biotech companies that “manufactures” the plants. There is no legal obligation for any of these companies to allow you to do this because these companies “own” the intellectual property of the plants. What that means is as certain crops become almost purely GMO (corn and soy products are over 95% GMO in the US and Canada), you will have to find non-GMO seeds and soil to plant them in. Because the herbicide roundup is sprayed heavily on nearly all GMO crops, the soil that the plants grow in becomes contaminated. You can’t just convert your farm to Organic in one year, it takes a lot of work to get the soil back to a healthy enough condition to grow non-GMO crops.

The idea of controlling food seems conspiratorial, and, really, it is. But it’s true. This is the road we’re going down if enough people don’t care about the future and freedom of our food.

Made in America cuts off support for corrupt dictatorships:

Of course, there’s the issue of Made in America goods. By buying products from places like China, you’re not only cutting off funding from US companies which leads to less US jobs, but you’re giving more power to foreign governments that do not have the interests of humanity at heart. These countries often have no worker protections, so the workers making your products have to work long days in unhealthy conditions only to receive dollars a day while being forced into social credit systems that punish them for dissent against the state. I’d say Made in America is well worth the price.

Support Free and Open Technology that Respects your Privacy

Once more, we’re living in a crazy, crazy world. One in which major technology companies like Google and Facebook seem to have adopted to policy, as Bill Ottman from Minds puts it, of abusing their users as much as they can get away with without losing too much of their business.

If you use any of the major companies’ services (as all of us do), you know that it’s not easy to get away from them. But as you search on Google, scroll through your Facebook feed, or watch YouTube videos, your data is being mined and used in ways you aren’t even privy to. Mass marketing is perhaps the most innocent of ways that your data is used against you, but the fact is this: as data companies become more and more sophisticated at predicting human behavior, and figuring out how our minds work, they get better at manipulating us to do and this as they like.

Just recently, Project Veritas revealed via a Google insider that the company is manipulating search suggestions to favor certain political agendas. After research has been done showing that search suggestions do in fact alter a user’s perception of the issue they are searching for, Google began changing their search suggestions to attack organic food and praise GMO’s, as well as support the far-left radical social justice agenda.

This is the kind of thing, in a very mind form (for now) that technology companies can do which don’t have a strong code of ethics based around liberty.

Also, if you’ve been following the issue of free speech at all, you know that alternative media outlets like Infowars and many others have been systematically removed for thought crimes against the silicon valley status quo. If you want to support free speech and data privacy online, try using alternative technology platforms. A few of my favorites are:

Minds – This site is similar to Facebook, only you get paid in cryptocurrency to use the site which can be used to advertise posts to the entire network. They allow basically any speech, although they do mark posts as explicit that violate their guidelines for content suitable for minors.

Gab – Gab is basically a twitter alternative. It’s set up just like Twitter, only they allow literally any and all speech that is legal under US law. So, death threats, calls for violence, etc., are not allowed. But all political speech is allowed, no matter how radical (again, as long as there are no calls for violence, etc.)

Diaspora* – Diaspora is another site similar to Facebook or Google+. They run on a pod system of decentralized server ownership, so the technology is virtually uncensorable.

DuckDuckGo and Startpage – These are alternatives to Google search. DuckDuckgo is its own search engine, while Startpage just sends your searches through Google, but keeps them private so they don’t know who is doing the searching. They are both good alternatives.

Bitchute – This video hosting site is a wonderful alternative to YouTube. It doesn’t have as much content, but there is a lot there and no censorship is allowed on the site except for pornography and speech which violates US law. It’s a great platform which I very much hope ends up taking over YouTube, or at least forces them to stop censoring their users! Oh yeah, and you can find Infowars here too.

All of this is being intensified by the fact that tech companies are working to force their products into us – literally. The Google “creepy line,” or in other words, what the company thinks people will accept at any given time, is moving toward a scary world of implantable technology we can’t possibly escape from.

Let’s not stall in calling this what it is: absolute, unprecedented, and blatant Mind Control of the general population.

And it’s time to break free.

Live Freely

You know when you’re living as a free human being and when you’re just living to be what others want you to be. Even more important than any of the things I’ve said above, the world needs a lot more of people being and thinking for themselves. Don’t just do what I tell you. Trust that the universe didn’t create a faulty human being when it created you, because it didn’t. You just have to learn to believe in yourself. Say what you think. Do what you believe in. You are a free, beautiful human being. Act like it.

There is a whole lot more you can do with yourself than just what I’ve written here, but I think you can take home enough from this to get yourself going. Remember that it’s you who has the power to create the world you want to live in, not Donald Trump, the government, or Google.


Phillip Schneider is a staff writer and assistant editor for Waking Times. If you would like to see more of his work, you can visit his Website, like his Facebook Page, or follow him on the free speech social network Minds.

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  1. You touched on how ALL grown seed crops are being genetically mutated and thereby owned by a corporation as intellectual property. What most people don’t know is why all of sudden is it possible to “own” nature? Nature is not patentable. Back in the 1980’s a chemical company created a microbe that consumed oil. It was made to clean up oil spills. There were legal challenges and the outcome was the company CAN Patent this microbe because it was considered a New Lifeform. It is this legal precedence that all genetically mutated seed is now Patentable. All GMO/GE/CRISPR genetic crops are considered New Lifeforms. However, at the grocery store joe public is told that these new genetic lifeforms are NO DIFFERENT than any other vegetable of the same kind. All genetically mutated crops are an abomination! They are not creating these new lifeforms to control our food… they are doing to it to own our food and it is deeply rooted in GREED and lust for money! Recently, there has been talk about allowing GMO crops in Organic Foods! These mad scientists have no clue what these franken foods will do to humans and nature in years to come and they simply don’t care! The preverbally Cat is out of the bag and only God can help us! Rj – Beyond Harvest Veganistas

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