Dominican Republic protesting smart meters

Dominican Republic Revolts Against Smart Meters

Hundreds of Dominican Republicans took to the streets to protest the unwanted implementation of Smart Meters on their homes and businesses.

The main reasons for the protests were power outages and a rising cost of electricity correlated to the new meters, but other issues were likely to play as well including privacy and health concerns.

The protesters were seen taking their meters back to the electricity company’s offices and lying them down in front of the doors. The overall tone of the protest was anger toward the new meters, but there is no evidence of violence or damage to public property.

This protest is reminiscent of the Stop Smart Meters 2010/2011 actions in Santa Cruz County.

However, there are more concerns about smart meters than an increase in electricity costs.

The American Cancer Society states on their website that “Smart meters have not been studied to see if they cause health problems.” However, “Studies have looked at RF radiation from other sources… Because RF radiation is a possible carcinogen, and smart meters give off RF radiation, it is possible that smart meters could increase cancer risk.”

Despite the ACS’s lax assessment, a growing mound of evidence is emerging showing the dangers of electro-magnetic frequencies on mammalian biology, especially of children.

Smart meters are also causing spontaneous house fires in in many locations around the world.

A 74 year old man in Dallas Texas died after experiencing a home fire while in bed. The family accredits the fire to the new smart meter that was installed on the home three weeks earlier.

“[the neighbor] believes the home’s wiring is too old for the new meter, claiming that’s also the reason a fire broke out at her home next door three years ago.”

This is not by any means an isolated incident, as hundreds of fires, explosions and electrical problems have occurred as a result of Smart Meters being installed on homes and businesses.

It seems clear that the general public does not want smart meters on their homes. They are potentially very unsafe and are not at all necessary.

From everything I have shown you about Smart Meters, I recommend that if you have one, you get it removed as soon as possible.






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