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Director of Sonic Frontiers Says Not Every Sonic Game Will Be Open World

Sonic Frontiers is the first open world game in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Upon its release, the game was generally quite well received by gamers and critics alike.

However, not every Sonic fan wants the same type of game. Some long time fans of the series are worried that Sonic Frontiers relative success may have laid the foundation for all future Sonic games to be in the same open world format.

I love the open zone gameplay in Sonic Frontiers and love to see it in most games but not again here,” says one fan. “I miss the classic style of modern Sonic gameplay, so don’t overuse the open zone gameplay.”

Director of Sonic Frontiers Morio Kishimoto has taken to Twitter to assure fans that not all future Sonic games will be open world.

I defined Sonic Frontiers as a third generation Sonic game, but that does not mean that all Sonic games will be third generation in the future. And I don’t think the first and second generation are inferior to the third generation. I think both generations are great and true Sonic games. Rest assured!”

Sonic Team still haven’t found their sweet spot when it comes to 3D Sonic games. Throughout the lifespan of the Hedgehog, Sonic games have been extremely hit or miss, going through waves of doing relatively well and then completely flopping.

If the team integrates what fans like about Sonic Frontiers into future games and learn from what they didn’t, then we might start to see a stable future for the Sonic franchise like we do with others like Mario or Zelda.

I am excited to see new entries into each generation of Sonic in the future – 2D classic Sonic, 3D story-based Sonic, and open world Sonic.

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