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Cleveland_Tom – The Gamer Poet of our Dreams

Reining from a little area in Northeast Ohio, Cleveland_Tom is the only Twitch streamer in the world who will write personalized haiku’s for you.

I’ve known Tom for about a year now and he is one of the coolest people I’ve met during my 2+ years as a streamer. He has a quick wit, a good sense of humor, and can talk about most any topic under the sun.

I go to Tom for conversations about life, philosophy, and gaming, but what sets him apart from other Twitch streamers is that he will actually write haiku’s based on any prompt you give him for only 1,000 channel points (which could be acquired in a relatively short amount of time watching his channel).

I personally love his haikus so much that I’ve redeemed 85 this year alone. You can also choose to spend 100 bits (the equivalent of $1) to purchase a haiku redeem.

Tom will take a short break to transform into “Haiku Tom”, a quaint poet version of himself which he says is inspired by who he was 5-10 years ago, equipped with aviators, a black beret, and fancy vest to set the mood of the aspiring open mic poet rattling off his wisdom in the little coffee shop of our hearts.

However, haiku’s are not the only thing that Tom does. He also plays nostalgic retro games like Punchout, Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda (1985), Dr. Mario, and Star Tropics.

Many of these games he has speedrun! Tom is currently 63rd at Star Tropics Any%, 84th at Super Mario Bros. 3 100%, and 2nd at Punchout’s Single Segment High Score category!

For those uninitiated to speedrunning lingo, Any% refers to beating the game as fast as possible and 100% means to beat the game with all collectibles.

I deeply recommend checking out Tom on Twitch. You won’t regret it!

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Phillip Schneider is a Twitch Affiliate, gamer, and writer with a particular love for retro games of the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. Favorite game ever? Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon.

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