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Articles pertaining to cultural traditions, ideas, and ways of life, especially in relation to the cultural battles being fought in Western countries.

Classic 1950's painting of women baking cake

UK Study Finds Strong Link Between Working Moms and Childhood Obesity

“We find that children of working mothers are more likely to be sedentary and less likely to eat breakfast regularly.”

Silhouettes of teenage boy and girl

Parents Report: Teens with Gender Dysphoria Outbreak in Groups

Birds of a feather flock together goes the adage, but friends influence each other as much as they choose to spend time with others like them.

Cal Poly staff

California University Releases Controversial Plan to Reduce Number of Caucasian Students and Faculty

As part of a new “diversity and inclusion” effort, Cal Poly is working to reduce the number of Caucasians on campus.

David Mackareth sitting in armchair

UK Government Fires Doctor for Believing Gender is Determined by Biology

A government-employed UK doctor named Dr. David Mackereth was fired for having the belief that gender is determined by biology, not how someone feels.

Man stealing maga hat and Maxine Waters speaking

Teen Trump Supporter Attacked for MAGA Hat as Dems Call for Harassment of Trump Officials

Getting back to civility is going to take condemnation by reasonable Democrats of the very dog-eat-dog rhetoric that their party now stands for.

British school boys wearing skirts

British School Bans Shorts, Instead Forces Boys to Wear Skirts for “Gender Neutrality”

An England secondary school named Chiltern Edge has made the decision to ban boys from wearing shorts, instead telling them to wear “gender neutral” skirts.

Christian mural of Jesus

U.S. Religious Groups Generate More Money than Microsoft and Apple Combined

Under conservative estimates, faith-based organizations were found to generate roughly $378 billion per year.