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Judges hammer and cannabis bud

Los Angeles and Chicago Are Readying to Erase 68,000 Nonviolent Marijuana Convictions

Cook and Los Angeles counties are taking the bold move of erasing tens of thousands of past marijuana convictions.

5G tower signals

Other Countries Have Banned or Restricted Cell and WiFi Radiation to Protect Children and Pregnant Women

Many countries around the world have taken steps to mitigate the dangers of EMF. Why hasn’t the US?

Red white and blue fist resist

Donald Trump Doesn’t Matter – Three Things YOU Can Do to Change the World

Donald Trump doesn’t have the power to change the world. You do.

Hillary clinton ugly

Hillary Clinton’s Private Emails Were Hacked by China, Anonymous Sources Say

Every email sent in and out of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server was being intercepted by a state-owned Chinese company.

Brett Kavanaugh and biometrics

Kavanaugh: Warrantless Data Collection “is Entirely Consistent with the Fourth Amendment”

Kavanaugh’s stance on the Fourth Amendment runs in opposition to what most Americans believe it to mean.

Man stealing maga hat and Maxine Waters speaking

Teen Trump Supporter Attacked for MAGA Hat as Dems Call for Harassment of Trump Officials

Getting back to civility is going to take condemnation by reasonable Democrats of the very dog-eat-dog rhetoric that their party now stands for.

Freedom Toons The Debunkers

VIDEO: Watch “The Debunkers” Tear Apart Leftist Gun Control Arguments

In this hilarious video, FreedomToons takes on common leftist gun control arguments with satire and witty comedy.