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Canadian Health Expert: “Costs of Lock Downs are at Least 10 Times Higher than the Benefits”

After ten months of lock downs, doctors are beginning to reconsider whether or not these restrictions pose a greater risk to public health than the Covid virus they were created to contain.

Dr. Aji Joffe, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and Clinical Professor at the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Alberta, argues in a recent cost-benefit study on the implications of government imposed lock downs that they cause collateral damage at least ten times greater than than that of the virus itself.

Initially, I simply assumed that lock downs to suppress the pandemic were the best approach. But policy decisions on public health should require a cost-benefit analysis … Once I became more informed, I realized that lock downs cause far more harm than they prevent.” – Dr. Aji Joffe

Dr. Joffe found that lock downs have negatively affected millions of people across the globe with food insecurity (82-132 million), severe poverty (70 million), maternal and under age-5 mortality from interrupted healthcare (1.7 million), infectious disease deaths from interrupted healthcare, school closures affecting future earning potential and lifespan of children, domestic violence mostly against women, mental health issues, drug addiction and more.

There is a strong long-run relationship between economic recession and public health … It turns out that loneliness and unemployment are known to be among the strongest risk factors for early mortality, reduced lifespan, and chronic diseases.” – Dr. Aji Joffe

We have known since very early on in the pandemic that lock downs have caused a spike in domestic violence, drug abuse, and suicide, but these issues are rarely discussed by health authorities or the media. Instead, the focus is placed solely on coronavirus cases and deaths which don’t tell the full story.

Popular media focused on absolute numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths independent of context. There has been a sheer one-sided focus on preventing infection numbers,” says Dr. Joffe. “It turned out that the costs of lock downs are at least 10 times higher than the benefits. That is, lock downs cause far more harm to population well-being than COVID-19 can.”

Doctor Joffe believes that we need to take an “effortful pause” and rethink the effects of the lock downs in relation to deaths and other damage caused by them rather than simply on covid numbers alone and protect those at high risk while not locking down everyone.

Many doctors have echoed similar sentiments lately. Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a Canadian CEO of a biotechnology company which manufactures covid tests, has called lock downsthe greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

Dr. Cassone, a Holistic Primary Care Practitioner in the State of California recently spoke out about manipulations of Covid data which exaggerate the number of cases and deaths.

Dentists have warned about a rise in gingivitis and tooth decay as masks have become mandatory in most areas of the United States and Canada.

Very early on in the pandemic, YouTube censored two doctors from California who suggested that by constantly sanitizing and isolating ourselves we are allowing our immune systems to weaken to a point where Covid deaths may actually increase while spousal abuse, drug addiction, mental illness and suicide spike.

Finally, a famous German physician named Wolfgang Wodarg brought attention to the false positive rate of early covid tests. His analysis was removed from YouTube as each of these scientists have been maligned or censored by the established media or tech giants.

These doctors have all brought to light the disastrous long-term impact that a fearful public coupled with authoritarian government powers can have on otherwise thriving populations. It is long past the time we begin thinking more broadly about government authoritarianism and the negative effect it has on larger society.

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Health Expert: “Costs of Lock Downs are at Least 10 Times Higher than the Benefits”

  1. I do not find that to be a particularly convincing argument, especially while you claim “no evidence” without citing any sources yourself. Masks are also being forced in tandem with forced lock downs.

  2. No evidence was presented that the effects of masks contributes to lung cancer, that masks and lockdowns can be interchanged (masks are more nearly the measure when lockdowns are not in force), or that there have been 10 times more damage from lockdowns, or that that recessions cause mortality to rise: in fact, recessions, historically, save lives, with lower mortality rates. This is shoddy journalism at it’s worse as it encourages defiance of proven health measures and endangers the public.

    During crisis,often suicide rates go down and the suiggesting that a crisis may result in more domestic abuse is based on a report from 2017. Mask wearing has also saved tens of thousands of lives from people that may have died from flu or other infectious diseases.

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