My name is Phillip and I am a Twitch affiliate, a gamer, a writer, and a friend.

I have been writing for nearly all of my adult life. Based in Washington State, USA, I started writing for the Waking Times in late 2015 and have contributed to several other sites including Activist Post and Blacklisted News.

Since October 2015, my articles have been featured across a wide spectrum of independent media including outlets like Activist Post, Investment Watch, Intellihub, Natural Blaze, Prevent Disease, The Daily Liberator, The Mind Unleashed, The Daily Sheeple, Prison Planet, and of course the Waking Times, as well as on hundreds of blogs, forums, and social media pages across the web, amassing hundreds of thousands if not millions of views.

This website is both a collection of all the work I have created over the years as well as a hub where you can find all of what I currently do. The two worlds I am a part of – gaming and writing – meet in symbiosis here.