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Phillip Schneider is a conservative alternative news blog aimed at bringing factual information and insightful commentary to the mainstream.

My name is Phillip Schneider and I’ve been writing for the alternative media for most of my adult life. Based in Washington State, USA, I started writing for the Waking Times in late 2015, and have contributed to several other sites, including Activist Post which I still occasionally contribute to.

Since I began my journey as a journalist in October 2015, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that my articles have been featured across a wide spectrum of independent media including outlets like Activist Post, Investment Watch, Intellihub, Natural Blaze, Prevent Disease, The Daily Liberator, The Mind Unleashed, The Daily Sheeple, Prison Planet, and of course the Waking Times, as well as on hundreds of blogs, forums, and social media pages across the web.

Thus, I’ve created this site as a way to branch out and develop my skills as a writer and journalist, as well as to showcase the works that I have done over the years to make sure none of it gets lost in the void of the internet.

If you like what I do, please support me by sharing articles, adding me on social media, or if you’re kind enough, by donating to my Patreon or supporting one of my affiliates. Every cent goes to maintaining the site and putting out more quality content.

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