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6 Clear Indicators of Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election

The amount of fraud which has occurred in the 2020 election appears truly outstanding. Allegations made by the President and his lawyers, if true, indicate a heist of such epic proportions that likely no American election will ever be won fairly again if serious reform is not achieved.

It is very probable that not every allegation made within the over 700 affidavits signed by witnesses or by Trump’s lawyers are true. Hopefully, none of them are, however the evidence we currently have does not look very assuring.

Here are six clear indicators of fraud in the 2020 election.

“Glitch” Flipped 6,000 Votes From Republican to Democrat in Michigan

In Antrim County, Michigan, a computer “glitch” flipped 6,000 votes from President Trump and other Republican candidates to Biden and the Democrats. After noticing that a typically red county had flipped blue, the Michigan Republican Party ordered an investigation revealing this ‘irregularity’.

The software used by this county to count ballots (called Dominion) was also used across the country in over half of all states, including “dozens of Michigan counties,” according to Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox, and every swing state which swung to Biden, quite mysteriously, in the middle of the night.

If this happened in Michigan, who is to say without a full vote audit that it did not happen in other districts as well?

Democrats Agree to Full Vote Audit in Michigan and then Bail Out at the Last Minute

In Wayne County, Michigan, home of Detroit, Senate Republicans raised issue with what they called a number of serious allegations … which cannot and should not be ignored.”

Allegations of voter fraud are “backed up by sworn affidavits of over 100 Michigan citizens, real people, willing to face legal consequences to their lives and livelihoods to stand by their assertions,” they said in a letter to Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

After being smeared as racists by left-wing pundits, they agreed to certify Michigan’s election results under the obligation that a “comprehensive audit” would be conducted on Wayne County’s ballots. However, after certifying the county’s votes for Biden, they were then told that the audit was not legally binding.

If Democrats have nothing to hide, then why not go ahead with a full audit? Why did they lie and swindle their way back into secrecy if the election was free and fair?

Fun Fact: In Detroit, poll workers also put cardboard over the building’s windows in order to stop independent observers from viewing ballot counts.


Voter Sent Home, Told She Already Voted

Angie Medellin, a 72-year old woman from Houston, Texas was one of several alleged victims of voter fraud when election workers turned her away on the basis that she had already voted in a different location two weeks prior.

She just said, ‘Well, you voted,’ and she was insistent that I voted,” said Medellin.

President Trump claimed that this type of voter irregularity occurred “tens of thousands of times.” Even if the real number is much less and the case with Medellin was a simple and honest mistake, why is it that Democrats continue to refuse vote audits which would clear situations like these up?

Observers Sent Home, Then Thousands of Ballots Came in for Biden in the Middle of the Night

In the middle of election night, poll watchers were told to head home. Sessions would reconvene tomorrow morning, they said.

But they kept counting.

Hundreds of thousands of ballots, almost all for Biden, arrived in the dead of night in both Wisconsin and Michigan, tilting the election in Biden’s favor as a blue spike could be seen the next morning.


Republican observers were not able to certify the authenticity of these ballots and a vote audit has not occurred. Are we supposed to believe that this spike was from authentic votes, even after a refusal to audit?

Many Dead People Voted On Record

When stimulus checks were sent out to every eligible American last spring, it turned out that over a million of those residents were dead. With universal mail-in voting, millions of deceased Americans, still on voter rolls, were sent ballots in exactly the same way. This has, without a doubt, expanded potential for cheating and illegitimate swinging of the election.

In the state of Georgia, where some of these deceased voters are verified to have voted from, President Trump only lost by roughly 12,000 votes. This is a state which has also refused to audit their votes. Why? If dead people have indeed voted in this election, as we know they have, then signature checks would verify just how many votes were legally cast.

Watch Tucker Carlson’s report on dead voters here:

Biden Won 200 Fewer Counties than Obama, But Vastly Over-Performed in Critical Swing States

Finally, one of the most interesting facts about this election is that according to official numbers, the Biden/Harris ticket actually won far fewer counties than Obama and performed much worse than Clinton everywhere except for in very specific counties of critical swing states.

Overall, Biden won over 200 fewer counties than Obama, specifically 477 to the former president’s 689 from 2012.

Are we honestly expected to believe that Joe Biden won based on a vast over performance in a select few Democrat-run counties even after hundreds of affidavits have been signed, video evidence of potential fraud has emerged, statistical irregularities have gone unchecked, and Democrats have blocked vote audits in every important state?

None of this makes any sense.

BONUS: Georgia “Ballot Stuffing” Video Looks Shady

Former mayor of New York and top Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani detailed a shocking video on his podcast last Thursday that alleges to show poll workers hiding secret ballots under a table in Georgia. Rudy calls the video “the most significant evidence of voter fraud I have ever seen.”

The Only Way to Certify This Election to the Public is Through a Full Vote Audit

According to a CNN/Change Research poll, 97% of Trump voters do no believe that Joe Biden won this election. The only way to certify the results of this or any future election to almost 72 million Americans is through a full vote audit in every major swing state. This includes: Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

Otherwise, I don’t see the state of political polarization getting much better in the next four years.

Watch Trump’s recent speech on voter fraud:

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