5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Trovo

Trovo is arguably the largest and most similar competitor to Twitch. Anyone can set up an account and stream video games, you can subscribe to channels for access to emotes, cheer with a platform currency similar to bits, and browse live channels based on which game they are playing.

However, most people who sign up for Trovo don’t get the most out of the platform. Here are five tips that will make your Trovo experience even better.

Set Languages

Trovo is popular around the world, not just in English-speaking countries. If you don’t speak a variety of languages, chances are you probably don’t want to see content you won’t understand.

Trovo should do a better job of asking users this upon account creation, but there is an easy to use option to select languages after your account is online.

On desktop, click your profile picture at the top right then choose “Language” and “Content Language”. From there, you can select from a list which languages you would like Trovo to show you. Trovo will not display live channels from any unchecked language anywhere on the site.

For mobile users, click on your profile picture in the top right then go to “Settings” and “Content Language”. Follow the same process as described above.

Settings languages is one of the most important things you can do on Trovo because it will unclutter your content feed and cut out much of the content you definitely do not want to see.

Follow Categories You Like

Just like on Twitch, Trovo allows you to follow categories for specific video games, chit chat, cooking, music, and more.

Following categories is the best way to find content that you do want to see, as opposed to cutting out what you don’t.

Take some time to follow as many categories as you can think of. This also encourages streamers to play the games you are interested in because each user adds to the number of followers for that category – and streamers pay attention to that.

All you have to do is use the Trovo search bar to find specific games or categories, click the green follow button with the heart, and you’re done!

Set Up Your Space

This may seem like an obvious one, but don’t forget to go through all of your settings and fully set up your profile!

Trovo functions a little differently from Twitch. Instead of having your profile with your streams on it, you set up “spaces” which are similar to accounts of their own in the sense that users can follow each individually.

You really only need one space, but completing your profile setup to its fullest and setting up your space makes your account look more professional and also allows others to donate you Elixir (if you use Twitch, this is what Bits are called over here).

Not Interested

If you’re like me, you normally only want to see gaming content from creators or categories you like.

On both desktop and mobile, you can scroll through the Featured tab of the homepage and by clicking the ellipses (the three vertical dots) for a channel you don’t want to see and choosing “Not Interested”, Trovo will hide that channel from your feeds from that point onward.

Unfortunately, Trovo does not let you do this with popular clips on the homepage but it is still worth taking the time to clean up a bit of clutter so you can more easily find content you want to see.

For Streamers – Set Up Botrix

Trovo is one of the best alternatives to Twitch because it has some of the most similar integrations and features. You can set up Streamlabs Alerts, Nightbot, and many other services just like you can on other platforms.

However, the best bot to us on Trovo as a streamer is Botrix. You can use this bot on other platforms like Twitch as well, but for Trovo in particular, Botrix is king.

From the Botrix menu, you can set up automatic alerts to your Discord or Twitter when you go live, establish custom shout out commands for other streamers and chat members, create polls, raffles, and even alerts for your stream.

Most of the important features are free, but if you want extra content you can pay for Botrix’s premium service.


Trovo is a fun platform as well as an important competitor to the video game streaming juggernaut service that is Twitch. It even has some features that Twitch lacks such as converting revenue into elixir rather than receiving a direct monetary payout and rewinding live streams for subscribers.

I have personally given suggestions to the Trovo team in their official Discord group, was thoroughly heard, and some of my ideas were even implemented on the site. You will never get that kind of service from a giant company like Twitch.

Let’s do our best to support a wide variety of platforms and have a ton of fun while doing it!

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Phillip Schneider is a Twitch Affiliate, gamer, and writer with a particular love for retro games of the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. Favorite game ever? Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon.

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