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5 Reasons We’re Lucky Not To Have Hillary Clinton As President

Election season has come and gone and once again we have been asked to cast a vote for the lesser of two evils. Another election based on promises – promises of freedom, of justice, and of of “equality,” which always end up being vastly different from what we were led to believe. Yet we can see year after year that no matter who we vote for, each election cycle descends into a more elaborate web of lies, typically resulting in a further castration of our rights and sovereignty as a result of believing establishment figures like Clinton.

Trump is no saint; there are many things that he has done which I don’t agree with, but we should at least stay optimistic and celebrate some of the reasons we are lucky not to have Hillary Clinton as President.

1) Her Wavering Stance On Gay Marriage

Many Hillary supporters see her as a strong progressive woman who would have made it a priority to fight for for equality and civil rights. That’s the platform that she ran on on anyway, but it was not always the case. On the contrary, she was actually against gay marriage, a centerpiece of the modern civil rights movement, for over a decade until just a few years before running for president.

No.” – Hillary Clinton, when asked whether or not New York state should legalize gay marriage, 2002

I believe that marriage is not just a bond, but a sacred bond between a man and a woman.” – Hillary Clinton, 2004

I have not supported same sex marriage. I have supported civil partnerships and contractual relationships.” – Hillary Clinton, 2010

Then in 2013, when the gay rights movement really took hold and shifted the democratic voter base, she changed her tune.

I support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. I support it personally and as a matter of policy and law.” – Hillary Clinton, 2013

However, she did not support gay marriage as a matter of principle or law until only four years ago, and still hasn’t shown any tangible evidence to support that claim. It’s simply a political slight of hand to gain more votes from gullible voters.

2) She Has Taken Over $100 Million In Bribes From Foreign Nations And She Admits To Taking Her Orders From The CFR

Hillary was no peace candidate. Not only has she devastated countries like Libya during her time as secretary of state, but the amount of money she has taken from ruthless dictators of various foreign nations will truly astound you. On the Clinton Foundation website’s searchable database, you can find “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” under the “between $10,000,001 and $25,000,000” category. Keep in mind, that Saudi Arabia is one of the most grotesque place on the planet in terms of human rights, where people are literally stoned to death or publicly executed for being gay.

The list goes on, including the state of Qatar at $1,375,000 to $5,800,000, another country where homosexuality is punishable by death. In fact, her donor list is filled with countries that have horrible human rights records.

In addition, she also admitted takeing her marching orders from the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), a Rockefeller founded group that has come under fire throughout the years for promoting war and conflict in foreign policy, the opposite of what they were allegedly set up to do.

We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.” – Hillary Clinton

Notably, The Rockefeller Foundation is also a major donor to the Clinton Foundation at $10,000,001 – $25,000,000.

Trump has also gone astray from previous campaign rhetoric on foreign policy issues such as the Syrian missile strike in late June and his $110 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia, which will add up to a total $350 billion over ten years.

3) She’s a Monsanto Puppet Who Will Push GMO’s On The World

Hillary has been called the “Bride of Frankenfood” for her outrageous support for genetically modified organisms (GMO).

I stand in favor of using seeds and products that have a proven track record…. And to continue to try to make the case for those who are skeptical that they may not know what they’re eating already. The question of genetically modified food or hybrids has gone on for many, many years. And there is again a big gap between what the facts are and what perceptions are.” – Hillary Clinton, 2015

Actually, someone should let Hillary know that there isn’t anything which resembles a “proven track record” when it comes to GMO’s and genetically modified organisms are not hybrids. She even said at one point that Africa is “begging for GMO’s,” but outside of Hillary’s fantasy world a top cotton producer in Africa recently announced their plan to phase out GM cotton because of terrible quality problems, complaining that the GM cotton was “economically unviable.”

The cotton fibre we are producing today is short…In market terms it’s an activity which is no longer very attractive for us ” – Roch Marc Christian Kabore, President of Burkina Faso

Monsanto is also a major donor to the Clinton Foundation at $501,250 to $1,006,000 and in 2015 she appointed long-time Monsanto lobbyist Jerry Crawford as adviser to her “Ready for Hillary” super PAC.

However, language used in Trump’s executive order titled “Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America” suggests he may be defending the GMO/pesticide swamp as well.

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4) Hillary Wants To Force Vaccines On You And Your Kids

When it comes to a woman’s choice, Hillary could not be more on the side of authoritarianism than on the issue of vaccines. In a tweet from February 2015, she put her impudence on display as she associated vaccination with the earth being round.

The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let’s protect all our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBestHillary Clinton, Feb 2, 2015

What she mistakenly left out however, is that fact that flu shots have been verified by independent labs to contain a 51 parts per million concentration of mercury, an extremely toxic heavy metal, which is at levels 25,000 times the amount allowed by the EPA in municipal water supplies.

She also forgot to mention the hundreds of children who have been permanently brain damaged by the swine flu vaccine, receiving $90 million in compensation from the UK government.

Among [those damaged] is Josh Hadfield, 8, from Somerset, who is on anti-narcolepsy drugs costing [$20,000] a year to help him stay awake during the school day.”

If you make him laugh, he collapses. His memory is shot. There is no cure. He says he wishes he hadn’t been born. I feel incredibly guilty about letting him have the vaccine.” – Mother of Josh Hadfield, Caroline Hadfield

Despite a 2011 warning from the European Medicines Agency against using the vaccine on those under 20 and a study indicating a 13-fold heightened risk of narcolepsy in vaccinated children, GSK has refused to acknowledge a link. – Peter Todd, a lawyer who represented many of the claimants

After taking office, Trump boldly appointed Robert Kennedy Jr., an outspoken critic of mercury-containing preservative thimerosol in vaccines, to investigate vaccine side effects.

I’m not against vaccinations for your children, I’m against them in 1 massive dose.Spread them out over a period of time & autism will drop! Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 4, 2014

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5) She’s a Friend of Big Pharma and the Mass Psychiatric Drugging of the Population

Although she claims that the Pharmaceutical cartels are her number one enemy, in actuality she is rolling in dough from the highly lucrative pharmaceutical industry. According to a report by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonprofit organization set up to track big money influence in politics, she took nearly $600,000 from big pharma during the 2016 race alone. The Clinton Foundation also received $1,010,000 to $5,025,000 from Pfitzer, a top pharmaceutical company.

But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing. – Andrew Jackson

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