Prohibition, What Drugs Can Teach Us About Guns

The Libertarian Heathen

Violence and substance abuse are cultural issues and mental health issues that are only made worse by state efforts to solve them using prohibition laws.

I wanted to wait a little longer to publish this, out of respect for the victims of the recent mass shooting in my home state of Florida. Unfortunately, the leftists are already drafting gun control bills before the blood even dries, so I have decided to inject a dose of reality into the situation.

The graph on the left shows the rapid rise of drug overdose as a cause of death compared to suicide and automobile accidents in the state of Ohio.

The graph on the right shows per capita drug overdose deaths from 1970, when the Controlled Substances Act was passed, until 2007, when it approached 10 per 100,000. In 2018 it averages about 15, in WV is is 35.5.

This year over 50,000…

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